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Steel short link chain

Steel short link chain

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Top Far Marine Equipment Supply Co.,ltd
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Supply carbon steel welded link chain,fishing chain,round link chain, mining chain, elevator chain and other industrial chain

We can supply all kinds of steel link chains. Product mainly falls into 7 series with 300 varieties including:
- Welded link chain(Ø2.0mm to Ø32mm): mild steel link chain, ASTM80 standard link chain, NACM standard link chain, USA standard link chain, Australia standard link chain, DIN link chain, Norwegian standard link chain,
- Weldless chains: USA standard double loop chain, DIN5686 knotted chain
- Sstainless steel link chains
- Chain attachment: S hook,
- Automobile skid chains, animal chains, high tensile round link chains for mining, slinging chain and hoisting chain, drawing chain,chain used for boiter taphole machine, BS standard chain, three link chain, master chain, welded single chain, chains for ship, fishing chain, chains for binding, compensating chain for elevator and wrapping plastics chains etc.
Above chains are mainly used for hoisting, pulling, enlacing, automobile skid, fishnet falling, balance for elevator and decoration etc. The special specifications can be produced according to buyer's drawings and samples.

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