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Continuous Pre-oxidation Furnace

Continuous Pre-oxidation Furnace

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Continuous pre-oxidation furnace is applied for continuous pre-oxidation treatment under controlled atmosphere of PAN based, asphalt based, viscose based carbon fiber and its felt material.

Technical Features
1. The special hot air circulation and air distribution structure are adopted, the temperature uniformity is less than ±1.5°C/m, air flow uniformity is less than ±20%.
2. The continuous pre-oxidation tube furnace uses module section manufacture technology, which can connect together freely in accordance with the production capacity.
3. Multi-layer structure is designed to reduce the area requires.
4. The furnace uses material feeding and rolling discharge device, which is easy to operate.

Optional Configuration of Continuous Pre-oxidation Furnace
1. Muffle material: carbon steel/stainless steel
2. Furnace structure: single layer/multi-layer
3. Hot air circulation method: top and bottom/left and right/inlet from the end top, return from the entrance end side
4. Hot air distribution: concentrate heating, evenly distribution/separate heating, evenly distribution
5. HMI: Simulation screen/Touch screen/Industrial personal computer
6. PLC: OMRON/Siemens
7. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM
8. Temperature measuring: theermocouple/thermo-meter
9. Electric components: CHINT/Schneider/Siemens

Specifications of Continuous Pre-oxidation Furnace
Spec\Model LOF-220 LOF-1100 LOF-1600
Belt (mm) 200 1100 1600
Furnace Hearth (mm) 220 1300 1800
Pre-oxidation temperature (°C) 150 ~ 300 150 ~ 300 150 ~ 300
Cross-section Temperature Uniformity (°C) Cross-section: ±2°C
Pre-oxidation Atmosphere Air
Gas Speed 0.5 ~ 3Nm/s (Adjustable)
The above parameters can be adjusted to the process requirements, they are not as acceptance standard, the detail spec. will be stated in the technical proposal and agreements.

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