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Wire Rope Electric Hoist Material Lifting Equipment

Wire Rope Electric Hoist Material Lifting Equipment

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Beijing Liediao Weiye Hoisting Equipment Co., Ltd
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Brand Name:LieDiao
Place of Origin:China


Wire rope electric hoist is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks, warehouses and other places. It has a compact structure, lightweight, safe and reliable, strong interchangeability, single heavy lifting capacity, convenient maintenance , which is widely used at present and warmly welcome lifting equipment.
Main application: running type hoist can be installed in various forms of crane or hanging on the beam and working in straight line or curve . Fixed hoist can be installed on a fixed support to lift goods vertically or different angle.. It is necessary machinery to improve working conditions and labor efficiency in the production operation. Working range and conditions: It is suitable to run in temperature -25 to 40 degree, no fire, no explosion, no corrosive mediums. It is forbidden to lift melting metal, toxic, flammable items. Power supply is three-phase, 50 hz, 380 v. Normal range is from 0.25-20T, lifting height 3m-30m, we can produce according to your special requirements.


1. Extensively used in factories, workshops, warehouses and many other occasions to hoist materials directly.
2. Installed on the straight or curve I-steel beam of Single-girder Cranes to lift goods.
3. It can also be used together with Electric Hoist Double-beam, gantry crane and slewing cranes to hoist different items and so on. It has so many application usages just for its advantages, such as: tight structure, convenient operation, light weight, wide common use and so on.

High configuration

1.Reducers: It adopts three - stage fixed helical gear transmission mechanism, gear and gear shaft are made of heat-treated alloy steel. Reducer box and cover are made of high quality cast iron, which is tightly packed and sealed well. Reducer itself is a single component and easy to load and unload. The gear surface is hardened, adopts 3 level helical gears to slow down the speed, so it has long life and high mechanical efficiency.
2.Control system:Adopts safety limiter in both up and down directions, which can cut the circuit in emergency situation, which will ensure the safe operation and the components parts are long life use,reliable running.
3.Wire rope:high bearing capacity and will not break. Rope guide adopts thicker type.
4.Conic Motor: Hoisting motor adopts large torque conical rotor asynchronous motor brake and don't need any brake system.The motor overloads rate is 25%, and adopts F-class insulation, motor protection class is IP54. Motor installs safety limiter in both up and down directions . Motor is conical rotor brake type to fit frequent direct start in intermittent work .
5.Button switch: Hand type is light and handy, with wired and wireless remote control two ways.
6.High quality Alloy thicker steel shell: protect the inner components
7.Gear Box: Hoist Gear Box has specially treated gears for high wear resistance. Each Geared Shaft assembly is supported on ball or roller bearings,
to ensure smooth, low-friction operation.
8. The hook is closed type with high safety; it wrought with special high quality steel.
9.Wooden package: The wooden package can ensure that the goods are not damaged during the long distance transportation
10. Safety limiter: It can cut the circuit in emergency situation, and installed safety limiter in both up and down directions to ensure the safe running. Electrical components are long life and reliable use.


CE :0141

Price Condition :FOB
Price :USD800 / set
Delivery Port :Tianjin
Packaging & Delivery

Packing :By carton box or Wooden box according to different
Delivery Lead Time :3-7 working days according to different quantities
Minimum Order :1 set
Supply Ability :2000sets/weeks

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