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sublimation powder chemicals for heat transfer printing

sublimation powder chemicals for heat transfer printing paper

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Paper Coating chemical: Color Developer for Carbonless Paper.
The product is a resin color developer which belongs to zinc salicylate type. It enjoys the following advantages: Rapid color development at low temperature, high coating whiteness, good color intensity and slow light-resistant aging. It is an ideal resin color developer of a new generation.

1. Rapid color development at low temperature. Especially when the temperature is below 10, this advantage still exists.
2. Suitable for any CF compositions consisting of resin or clay-resin.
3. Relatively thinner coating.
4. The rheological property and thixotropy of CF paste are good, suitable for any coating method.
5. Good stability when stored.

Detailed information
1. First add water into the tank, then add the dispersant and porcelain clay when stirring. Stir at high speed or 20 ~30 minutes, then reduce the stirring speed. Adjust the PH value to 9.5~10.5.
2. Secondly add color developer, stir for some minutes.
3. Finally add butylbenzene emulsion and stir for 15~20 minutes. The final PH value is around 7.5.

Application Method
1. The package of the product is plastic barrel(200kg/barrel). Besides, other proper package method can be adopted according to buyer's request. The package should avoid colliding strongly or the sharp weapon in case o leakage.
2. Apply to road transport, rail transport and ocean transport.
3. The product store and transport temperature is 0-5. The products guarantee the nature time is six months.
4. The product is non-toxic and doesn't have the corrosion. If contacts the skin carelessly, you can use detergent and water to flush thoroughly.

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