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Non-barrier PEX Pipe is produced with crosslinked polyethylene. Crosslinking is obtained through a chemical process that increases the bonds between macromolecules to form a more complex stricture than the normal polyethylene. Due to the crosslinking, the polyethylene's performance is greatly enhanced still maintain the excellent properities of thermoplastics
Oxygen-barrier PEX Pipe with EVOH is made up of 5 layers: PEX,adhesive,EVOH,adhesive,PEX. The layers of adhesive bind the two layers of PEX-b to the central barrier layer of EVOH by a thermal reaction. The EVOH barrier layer is right in the center, preventing the pipe from being damaged by scratch and from reducing its performance due to moisture.

PE(X,RT)-AL-PE(X,RT) Pipe are a kind of five-layers' pipe that combines the advantages of a metal and plastic pipes and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time.The aluminum core in middle layer is absolutely diffusion tight, which can reliably prevents oxygen/gases from permeating into the pipe. The PE(X,RT)-AL-PE(X,RT) pipes can compensate and reduce snap-back forces and heat-expansion with changes of temperature.

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