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High amplitude probability combination sieve

High amplitude probability combination sieve

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High amplitude probability combination sieve
Principle of high amplitude probability combination sieve:
1.Set distributor, to the multi-screen surface distribution of materials, so that feed group thinner, more uniform.
2.Each vibrating unit achieves high amplitude probability sieving.
3. Machine to achieve three-dimensional combination of screening.
4.Equipment configuration is reasonable, anti-blocking screen can be done without blocking the hole.
5.Rapid removal of the screen core from the body, to achieve rapid repair.
6.High amplitude, shunt, sub-materials, probability, combination of organic screening is my company developed dry screening technology of innovative products.

Overview of High amplitude probability combination sieve:
1.High amplitude probability combination screen is composed of two-way distributor, automatic moving device, special sieve plate, exciter, motor, damping spring, maintenance platform, anti blocking drop tube and other components.
2.The sieve body does not vibrate, sieve core vibration, vibrating screen of the dynamic load is similar to other screening machine 1/2, energy saving.
3.High amplitude probability combination sieve at the entrance of the material additional shunt, the incoming material is divided into two, flow and thickness reduced by half, the distributor can be realized at the same time to a number of sieve surface uniform splitting, effectively improve the efficiency of the sieve mesh.
4.Screen surface with double-layer structure, play a role in the probability of screening, the purpose is to reduce thickness.

1.New anti-blocking sieve plate, with strong wear resistance, can maintain a large opening rate, in order to achieve higher screening efficiency.
2.Sieve mesh angle can be adjusted, passing capacity of the material is strengthened, Screening time extended, screening efficiency increased.
3.High amplitude probability combination sieve is composed of many screening units, which can achieve larger screening requirements.
4.High amplitude probability combination sieve whole screen with a closed structure, to avoid dust leakage, more environmentally friendly.
5.The structure of sieve body without vibration ,sieve plate vibration, reduce a lot of friction loss, prolong the life of the sieve.

1. Mainly used in 3-6mm wet sticky raw coal screening.
2. It is suitable for dry sieving of fine grained wet viscous materials.
3.Widely used in coal preparation plant, iron works, steel mills, mining and other industries screening operations.

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