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Winner ultrasonic vibration sieve for sale

Winner ultrasonic vibration sieve for sale

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Product overview:

1. Ultrasonic vibrating screen is the Rotary vibrating screen derived products. On the basis the shaker, increased ultrasonic and frequency conversion device. Effectively solve the problem of blocking in the screening. The problem of clogging due to the agglomeration of the electrostatic powder and the particles on the surface of the coarse mesh is solved. It does not change the properties of materials.

2. Frequency conversion device is to change the vibration frequency of ordinary screen machine, so that the material in the same unit time vibration times, so that the material in the same time through the number of sieve increases, the screening efficiency is higher, more refined, wider application

3. Ultrasonic vibration wave, the ultra-fine powder to accept a huge ultrasonic acceleration, thereby inhibiting the adhesion, friction, flat drop, wedge and other factors blocking the network to improve the efficiency of screening and cleaning efficiency. Can meet the needs of users of high-quality, fine powder.

Product Applications:

1. Chemical industry: resin, paint, industrial medicine, cosmetics, paint, Chinese medicine powder.

2. Food industry: sugar, starch, salt, rice, milk, soy milk, egg powder, soy sauce, fruit juice and so on.

3. Metal, metallurgy and mining industry: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic material, grinding powder, refractory, kaolin, lime, alumina, Calcium, quartz sand and so on.

4. Pollution treatment: waste oil, waste water, dyeing and finishing wastewater, additives, activated carbon.

Product features:

1. Applicable to 20 microns to 300 micron mesh separation powder, especially for difficult screening material effect is significant.

2. To prevent 50-625 mesh mesh clogging and similar particles on the mesh of the impaction, extend the life of expensive screen.

3. Electrostatic, agglomeration, particle separation of adsorbed material becomes simple

4. Unique WXZC ultrasonic screening system applications, without the need to add any other screen cleaning device.

5. Can clearly separate the diameter of the adjacent particles.

6. Does not change the characteristics of materials, especially for new materials.

7. Accelerate the separation of aggregates, thereby increasing the amount of sieve, reducing the number of large particles.

8. Screening ability and scope, there are other sieve can not reach the technology.

9. Excellent system matching will not make the operating temperature becomes high; can continue to work; especially to meet the requirements of temperature control materials such as: drugs and raw materials, thermosetting coatings industry.


1. Reduce the cleaning time.

2. Screening efficiency.

3. Does not produce bounce ball and other auxiliary substances on the powder pollution.

4. Maintain mesh size, stable screening accuracy.

5. Decomposition of adhesion material, reducing the screen material.

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