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Asphalt vibrating screen for mining quarry

Asphalt vibrating screen for mining quarry

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Product overview of Asphalt vibrating screen for mining quarry:

Asphalt sieve is the thermal aggregate classification, and sent to the silo of the device. After the thermal aggregate into the screen machine was screened into a variety of specifications. The top of the vibrating screen is provided with a distributing valve, and the hot aggregate can be directly passed into the bypass chamber without screening. Motor drive through the power, so that the two sets of vibrators for self-synchronous movement. So that the entire oscillation system along the linear trajectory to do reciprocating vibration.

Composition and principle of Asphalt vibrating screen for mining quarry:

1. Asphalt vibrating screen for mining quarry is a common biaxial inertial vibrating screen. By the two excitation shaft (eccentric shaft) in one direction of the force, it makes the material on the screen in a direction of movement. The name of the biaxial linear inertial vibrating screen reflects the structural characteristics and working characteristics of the asphalt sieve, and it is more convenient for people to grasp the vibration principle of such vibrating screen.

2. The eccentric mass and eccentricity of the two-axis eccentric wheel on the exciter are equal to each other, and the horizontal lines of the two axes on each side plate are at an angle of 40° to 45°. Two synchronous motor drive uniform rotation, the rotation in the opposite direction, the same starting phase, the same speed. In this way, the moment of inertia in each eccentric force generated in the X direction of the components of force cancel each other in the Y direction of the components of force superimposed on each other to force the screen in the Y direction for the approximate linear reciprocating vibration.

Product features of Asphalt vibrating screen for mining quarry:

1. The use of multi-layer screen, compact structure, advanced technology, a single screen can be divided into a variety of aggregate size.

2. The screen is fixed in the front and rear tight way, so it is convenient to change the screen and easy to repair.

3. Damping spring installed by tilting, can reduce the impact of equipment on the foundation.

4. Screen is wrapped in the outer box to prevent dust leakage, environmental protection and energy conservation.

5. Outer box can be wrapped with rock wool, to maintain aggregate temperature, expand the use of vibrating screen environmental conditions.

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