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CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing

CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing

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CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing
Overview of CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing:
1. CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing is a kind of high precision fine powder screening machine, low noise, high efficiency, full closed structure, suitable for granular, powder, mucus and other materials screening and filtering. There is no impact on the material, according to the different needs of customers 1-5 layer at the same time, stainless steel rotary vibration sieve model from the screen diameter is divided into 400-2000mm, 1-5 layer, 304 stainless steel and carbon steel and other models, Can meet a variety of powder, particle sieve requirements and liquid filtration needs, can also be designed for the gate-type rotary vibration sieve, plus edge-type rotary vibrating screen and other models.

2. CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing, also known as rotary vibration screen, with vertical motor excitation source, the motor installed at both ends of the eccentric weight hammer.The basic principle of Stainless steel rotary vibration screen is through the two ends of the motor installed the weight hammer (unbalanced weight hammer), will change the motor for horizontal, vertical, inclined three dimensional motion, and then the movement passed to the net surface.Changing the phase angle of the hammer at both ends of the motor can change the direction of movement of the material.

3. CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing is the same product, this screen is the latest YZUL series of single flange vibration motor, with a stable exciting force. This sieve can be sieved of various materials with sifting special, high viscosity, fine materials, fine powder, powder, and dry, wet materials and other materials, with high screening efficiency.

4.Two-layer vibrating screen can be screened according to the criteria and filter materials, arbitrary replacement sieve mesh, sieve mesh is easy to replace. The vibrating screen can be set to one or more layers. The level of the vibrating screen is determined by several specifications required for the screening of the material. A layer of vibrating screen will screen out two different sizes of material and the two- Three different specifications of the material, and so on. Vibrating screen can be customized according to customer requirements of carbon steel or stainless steel can also be based on material design professional models.

5.Because of its vibration operation principle Many companies also known as the three-dimensional vibration screening filter, according to the shape of the structure was part of the customer called round sieve, also known as rotary sieve, shaker, oscillating screen,circular vibrating sieve,filter. From the material on the standard type of rotary vibration sieve and ordinary type of rotary sieve, the standard type of contact with the material for the 304 stainless steel, the base for the carbon steel material, ordinary type of general body for the carbon steel material.

Features of CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing:
1.Small size, light weight, saving space. The direction of the discharge port can be adjusted, coarse, fine material automatically discharged.
2.Screen mesh is not blocked, the powder is not flying, the smallest screen can be up to 500 mesh (28 microns), the smallest filter up to 5 microns.
3.Stainless steel rotary vibration screen with unique grid design, long-term use of screen, easy to change screen mesh, only 3-5 minutes, simple operation, easy to clean.
4.No mechanical action, easy maintenance, can be single or multi-layer use, contact part of the material is made of stainless steel (except for medical use).

Applications of CE Rotary vibrating sieve for food processing:
1.Chemical industry: resin powder, paint, washing powder, fine powder, paint, soda ash, lemon powder, rubber, plastic and so on.
2.Abrasive, ceramic industry: alumina, quartz sand, mud, spray soil particles.
3.Food industry: sugar, salt, alkali, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, soy milk, yeast, fruit juice, soy sauce, vinegar and so on.
4.Paper industry: coating coatings, white mud, black and white liquid, waste liquid, paper liquid, wastewater recovery.
5.Metallurgical industry: titanium oxide, zinc oxide, electromagnetic materials, metal powder, electrode powder.
6.Pharmaceutical industry: medicine powder, liquid medicine, medicine and other particles.
7.Environmental protection: waste, manure, waste oil, food waste water, wastewater processing.

How to replace the sieve mesh:
1. Remove the upper frame by loosening the beam and removing the broken wire and replacing it with a new one.
2. Put the fine net on the thick net, re-put the box back original position, with his hand in the mesh tension, frame edge and the lower frame edge ends, each with a universal clamp, the upper frame and the lower frame clamp.
3. Re-set the beam ring, loose universal clamp, the beam ring screw lock.
4. With a soft hammer evenly knock around the ring around the ring, then the copper nut lock, for fine network that is completed.

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