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Metallurgy Machinery Sieve,Winner Gold Screen

Metallurgy Machinery Sieve,Winner Gold Screen

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Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Overview :

1. Gold Screen is a new type sieving equipment developed by WINNER Group to meet the needs of the gold ore industry to screen materials.

2. Gold screen consists of double sieve plate combination, exciter, shield, motor, base assembly and other components.

3. Gold screen with double-layer sieve plate, using dual-axis vibration source excitation, has greater processing capacity and higher screening efficiency, energy saving.

4.Gold screen adopts the new structure of circular motion, elliptical motion and linear motion. According to the use of on-site materials, as well as the amount of treatment, water content and other conditions of different conditions, to adjust each screen surface trajectory, amplitude, vibration frequency, in order to achieve the best results.


1. Adopt multi section independent sieve surface vibration, sieve box and frame not vibration, each sieve surface amplitude, vibration intensity adjustable,vibration quality is small, long service life.

2. The large amplitude of circular motion is conducive to the loosening and delamination of wet viscous materials, elliptical motion is conducive to the stratification of materials and the contact time with the screen surface is relatively long, so that the material more easily through the screen to improve the screening efficiency, linear motion to achieve forward movement of materials, achieve thin screening, high screening efficiency.

3. Sieve box upper part of the seal is used in static sealing, easy routine maintenance.

4. Double amplitude 10-20mm adjustable, dynamic load is small, power is small, to achieve energy saving.

5. Exciter sealed at the whole closed structure, so that dust does not leak, to meet the better environmental requirements.

6. Gold screen using PLC to control the entire device startup, shutdown, manual, remote control and a series of actions.

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