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Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen

Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen

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Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen
Overview of Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen:
1. Arthropod dewatering sculping screen is my company developed and obtained national patent dewatering, off- medium, desliming screening equipment.
2.Using linear equal-thickness grading principle, unit combination, sub-section vibration, secondary damping, general motor drive or self vibration source group structure.
3.Arthropod dewatering sculping screen consists of sieve body ,a damping spring, vibration damping device, secondary damping spring, motor and its bracket and other components.

Principle of Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen:
1.Arthropod dewatering sculping screen is composed of multi-section screen core, section vibration, the overall arrangement in accordance with the principle of equal thickness screening for the different materials at the scene, each section of the screening core excitation angle and screen surface can be adjusted, to achieve the best combination of capacity and screening efficiency.
2.Sieve by two motors driven exciter do reverse self synchronous rotation, the screen body can produce linear motion.

Features of Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen:
1.Screen frame side panels with high quality steel production, side panels and beams, exciter base with high strength bolts or ring slot rivets connected, sturdy and reliable structure.
2.Motor does not participate in the vibration, with the universal coupling and exciter connected. (Except from the vibration source group)
3. Arthropod dewatering sculping screen with vibration damping device and secondary damping spring.
4. Arthropod dewatering sculping screen with light weight, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, long life, simple structure, easy maintenance.
5.Using the national patent sieve plate, self-vibration source group, with a large capacity, high efficiency dewatering, energy saving, long life and other significant advantages.

Applications of Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen:
1. Arthropod dewatering sculping screen is the coal industry, washing, desliming, off- medium, dewatering operation of the ideal equipment.
2.Can also be used for fine slime finishing operations, will get better economic benefits.
3.Also suitable for old cold building renovation project, without changing the surrounding environment can be completed, cost savings.

Installation and commissioning of Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen:
1. before installation, the on-site installation diagram based and sieve check, embedded steel plate flatness error is not more than 3mm.
2. the screen is installed, adjust the relative position, a damping spring and two are vertical, the motor axis should be below the axis of the vibrator 3-5mm, then the motor bracket, the spring base and embedded steel plate welded joints.
3. requires two motor steering must be reversed.
4. vibrating screen, no-load running time is 4-6 hours, requires the sieve body running smoothly, the left and right symmetry of amplitude is less than 0.8mm, no yaw and abnormal noise, check plate, vibration fastening.
5. check the operating temperature of the exciter bearings should not be greater than 75 degrees 6. when the installation of the dehydration of the screen, we must pay attention to the screen between the sieve body and the bucket to seal, to prevent leakage.
7. vibration and non vibration parts shall be retained at least 80mm.

Use and maintenance of Arthropod dewatering sculping vibrating screen:
1. arthropod screen starting sequence: predict the flow direction, along the direction of flow of parking. Should be avoided with the start of the material on the screen surface of all screening and then stop.
2. in a working process, should pay attention to the screen box is running smoothly, if found not working properly or crash, should immediately stop check.
3. the dehydration of the sieve is generally negative angle installation.
4. spring easy to accumulate dust impurities, affecting the normal work of the spring should be cleaned regularly.
5. often check the bolting machine bolt connection, if there is loose timely tightening.
6.the vibration of bearing No. 3 with grease lubrication, under normal circumstances, should be a lubricating oil filling time, the bearings should be cleaned every year a check.

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