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Lump ore vibrating screen for mining

Lump ore vibrating screen for mining

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Lump ore vibrating screen for mining
The structure and characteristics:
A. Block screen segment screening, screening machine overall vibration, vibration sieve screen and block the traditional vibrating screen is different, it is not involved in the whole vibration sieve machine, plate, top cover and the base are fixed, only the screen and the vibration exciter assembly in vibration.
B. Self-cleaning screen block is composed of cantilever bar and frame bar is arranged in a longitudinal direction, and is provided with a self cleaning device, can maximize the elimination of the bond issue on the screen wet sticky ore.
C. Closed structure block used in high concentration dust screen condition, usually made of closed structure, the dust cannot leak, in response to the requirements of environmental protection.
D. Amplitude larger and smaller dynamic load block due to the screen and the screen vibration process characteristics of body vibration sieve, sieve machine so dynamic stress can be reduced to a minimum, so the amplitude can be greatly improved, it can greatly reduce the dynamic load.

1. Exciter and damping spring of lump ore screen are located within the screen box.
2.Vibrating part is completely contained inside the sieve, and the outside sieve body does not vibrate.
3. Using two motor drive.
4.Lump ore screen has a single-layer double-sided self-cleaning cantilever rods, maintenance-free exciter, combination of sealing structure and other components.
5.Exciter directly driven sieve plate vibration, and the sieve body does not participate in vibration. Amplitude :15mm-25mm.

1.Vibration motor install in the sieve outside, is conducive to the maintenance of motor replacement.
2.Using single-layer double-sided self-cleaning cantilever rod, effectively solve the plugging phenomenon, improve the screening efficiency.
3.Exciter is through the two ends of the two drive shaft connected together structure, this structure reduces the weight of the bearing chamber.
4. Exciter inside the package in the sieve box to reduce noise and increase personal safety.
5. Exciter with thin oil lubrication, a oiling, maintenance-free process, an effective solution to the grease lubrication high temperature of the drawbacks of poor lubrication.
6.Self-heat dissipation: The use of hollow shaft structure, the hollow shaft with rotating vents connected ventilation holes, so that the shaft during rotation in the shaft temperature through the blade rotation out of the shaft.
7.Combination seal structure: the overall structure of the exciter with a complete sealing arrangement, bearing room and support plate, between the maze cover and the rotating shaft, through-hole cover and bearing room contact surface, through-hole cover and sleeve and so on Increase the seal, effectively avoid oil leakage when the exciter rotates.
8.Excitation source and screen box sealed between the use of special rubber made of special seals, with high wear resistance, flexibility and other advantages.

1.Suitable for blast furnace trough, lime kiln, sand aggregate material screening of small particles.
2. Widely used in wet tide, high powder content of the screening material.
3. Ironworks, coke plants, steel plants and other industries.

Each class should be done before the start of the following work:
A. check the various parts of the bolts are loose, if loose, timely tightening.
B. check whether the damaged parts of the force, found the problem in a timely manner.
C. check the screen wire, if damaged to be replaced.
D. check for clogged screen, such as debris to clean up.

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