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Triaxial coal mining screen

Triaxial coal mining screen

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Triaxial coal mining screen
Product Applications:
For the mining industry in raw materials and finished products screening, grading operations.

Triaxial oval mining screen by the sieve box, exciter, the second vibration isolation device, the bottom bracket assembly, motor, motor bracket, transmission part, damping system and other components.
The series of vibrating screen using two parameters of the asynchronous motor to drive three series of three-axis exciter for elliptical motion.

Operating principle:
Power from the motor through the triangular belt to the exciter drive shaft, gear vibrator, to achieve the same three-axis rotation, resulting in exciting force, exciter and screen box high strength bolts, resulting in elliptical motion.
Material in the screen surface with the screen high-speed elliptical motion, rapid stratification, through the screen, forward, and ultimately complete the material classification.

Product features:
1.Vibrator installed in the upper part of the screen box, vibrator and screen surface distance between the full and can be applied to the screening of high-temperature materials to facilitate the heat shield design and installation, greatly reducing the high temperature materials on the vibrator heat transfer, To ensure the life of the vibrator.
2.Vibrator maintenance, maintenance more convenient, can reduce downtime.
3. With the same size and linear vibrating screen vibrating screen, compared with a greater capacity and screening efficiency.
4. The vibrating screen adopts the second isolation structure and increases the damping system to reduce the dynamic load transmitted by the vibrating screen to the foundation and enhance the stability when passing through the resonance area.
5.The vibrating screen has a good site sealing conditions, to ensure reliable on-site sealing.

1.Processing capacity, high screening efficiency.
2. Screen trajectory for oval-shaped, smooth movement, low power consumption.
3. Double amplitude, vibration direction angle, vibration frequency can be adjusted, easy to adjust, simple.
4. Material screening smooth, not easy to plug holes, blocking material.

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