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Winner Raw coal vibrating screen for mining industry

Winner Raw coal vibrating screen for mining industry

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Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Product overview of Raw coal vibrating screen:

Raw coal sieve is our company's patented product, in order to solve the wet fine-grained viscous material dry screening problems and specially designed, using a large vibration intensity and elastic screen surface design, can effectively solve the difficult problem of sieve material screening, is the best solution of dry fine sieving of wet fine particle size viscous material.

Product features of Raw coal vibrating screen:

1. Multi-section screen surface structure design, screen surface vibrating screen box does not vibrate.
2. Self-cleaning screen surface, screen than the traditional screening area, the screen opening rate is much greater, and thus more efficient screening.

3. Better environmental protection structure, fully enclosed structure, so that dust does not leak to meet higher environmental requirements.

4. Small power, the use of multi-stage screen surface structure, less moving parts, vibration quality is small, so the unique structure designed to make the power compared to the traditional screen machine can be reduced to a minimum.

5. Easy to maintain, the vibration components have been modular, standardized, quick replacement parts.

6. PLC control system.

Advantage of Raw coal vibrating screen:

1. Self-cleaning screen surface, a better environmental protection structure.

2. Easy maintenance, can greatly shorten the maintenance time, improve work efficiency.

3. Unique PLC control system, the whole control system by the PLC control operation.

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