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SG Grinding Wheel Sol Gel

SG Grinding Wheel Sol Gel

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Suitable Grinding machine
Grinding machine type: grinding wheel size specifications Linear velocity
Hofler Helix 400 PSX400x50x127 3SG60/80GH12V80P 45m/s
Hofler Rapid 1500 PSX400x60x127 3SG60/80GH12V80P 45m/s
Hofler Rapid 1800 PSX500x63x160 3SG60/80GH12V80P 45m/s
Kapp VAS 55P PSX400x40x127 3SG60/80GH12V80P 45m/s
Advantage of SG Wheel
SG abrasive is specially the sintering and crystal gel system, with a revolutionary new generation of aluminum oxide, with high hardness, good toughness and sharpness is strong advantages, compared with the ordinary corundum abrasives, SG has abrasion than Gao Baohang sex is strong, the surface processing quality well, less grinding wheel dressing, grinding efficiency higher advantages.
Application of SG Wheel
SG wheel particularly adapted to the aerospace just, tool steel, chromium alloy, quenching, grinding for hard cast iron, etc.For SG membrane material prices more expensive, often SG can according to the grinding requirements of different occasions, to a certain proportion with white corundum (or other corundum abrasive) to make grinding wheel, grinding effect and the cost of grinding wheel has reached the best combination.

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