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crucible induction heating vacuum metallizing machine

crucible induction heating vacuum metallizing machine

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Film Vacuum Metalizing Machine Vacuum Metallizer (Crucible Type)

Substrate: PET. BOPP

Application: Textile yarn: metallic yarn, gold or silver yarn wire, packaging film.

1. Advantage: better uniformity, extremely least amount pinhole, no sputtering, best fastness of coating layer.
2. Control system: Siemens touch screen and PLC control operation system, Siemens motor and inverter control higher accuracy AC variable frequency consistent tension winding system.
3. Vacuum system: equips big power pump group and Polycold, suitable for any environment.
4. Theory: Induction heating evaporating source is applied to metallize aluminum on film by winding vacuum metalizing machine, put the crucible with Al ingot into the central of wire coil (not touch), connect high frequency power supply inside the wire coil, make Al ingot produce current and heat it temperature until evaporating, induction coil is made of copper pipe and filled with cooling water, in order to make film layer much uniformity, each power of crucible coil could be controlled separately.
5. Evaporating source: high frequency induction heating, graphite crucible induction heating, avoid traditional thickness, make sure least pin hole, winding speed up to 8-11m/s, totally meet market requirement.
6. High quality core parts: 1, Germany Leybold pump or Busch Pump or Aerzen Pump, 2, Imported SKF bearing 3, High quality Polycold system 4, Main and sub drum cooling system

1. All crucible coil can be adjusted separately for better metallizing uniformly.
2. Evaporation speed fast and adjustable, film and wire deviation or wire stuck fault not exist any more, filigree yields of thickness distribute evenly to avoid burning of plastic.
3. The evaporation rate of induction-heating metallizing machine is about 10 times larger than evaporation boat type vacuum metallizer.
4. In contrast with resistance heating vacuum metallizer, the distinguishing feature of crucible vacuum metallizer is aluminum block could be enough dissolution and degassing, then form into the stable molten pool and eliminate the sudden sputtering of big droplet.
5. Evaporation source is filled with charge materials. The operation is simple and the temperature is easy to control. The source has much less strict requirements for aluminum ingots purity.

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