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Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Fertilizer Granulating Machine

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Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine
Product Description
The main organic fertilizers are produced by the peat, animal wastes (often from dairy farm, chicken farm, birds farm, horse farm, slaughter houses, etc), plant wastes from agriculture straws, and treated sewage sludge and urban life wastes. If you have such organic materials around, want to recycle them, can begin a production of organic fertilizer granules.
Here we introduce the Bio Organic Fertilizer Granulation equipment developed in the latest technology products, has obtained the country practical patent. It is used for granulation to all kinds of organic materials after fermentation or composting, different from the conventional production. It doesn’t need to dry and crush the composting even it has high humidity or moisture. It can direct make granules with fresh materials (moisture allowed about 50%).
Our organic fertilizer granulation equipment can keep 100% organic contents, pure organic production without any binder when granulating. It worked by the mutual mosaic growing up under a certain force by the rotating shaft. it is composed of the thickening seamless steel tube reach 10mm, strong and stable in long service life. And no worn parts or spare parts compared to other granulation equipment. It is the best choice for your choose if you want to produce cow dung or pig manure or chicken manure fertilizer.
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4.Flat Die Extrusion Granulator
Working Principle of Rotary Fertilizer Granulating Machine
The main electric motor drives that strap and driving pulley. Under the function of reducer, driving shaft rotates. Then the teeth of open gear being installed on the driving shaft, engage with those of big gear on the drum body. Materials are added into the rotary drum through raw materials feed (the slope of the feed system should higher than the angle of repose of materials). Due to drum body with an angle of incline of 2-2.5, under the influence of gravity and liner friction, raw materials keep doing circular motion and axis movement. During the rotation, raw materials are made into fertilizer granules by the special inner structure of rotary drum.
Company Information
AZEUS Fertilizer Machinery, a original& professional manufacturer in China, specializes in the production and export of organic fertilizer production equipment. We provide a wide range of organic fertilizer machines, such as Compost Turner, Organic Fertilizer Production Line, Organic Fertilizer Granulator, etc.
Our company is a new enterprise dealing in development, production and distribution, focusing on product development, production management and after-services. We are glad to cooperate with customers from around the world, and establish our friendly and cooperative relations.

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