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Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV)

Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV)

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Hebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd
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Brand Name:ZINGTO
Place of Origin:China
External dimension: 630×630×360mm (expansion)
Total weight: 5.2kg
Maximum task load: 2kg
Shaft :4
Yun Yao 800 Drone


Simple Design Utility Convenience
Oblique camera
Rich task modules
The Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV)has a strong versatility, and it has been set aside to support multiple task modules. When it carries INYYO 3 Pro or INYYO 4 photoelectric pod, it can complete various tasks such as power patrol, investigation and forensics, fire protection application, road patrol, search and rescue, etc. 
When it carries oblique photography camera and adopts the unique control technology of xiang tuo company, it can complete the small area of land or small complex 3-D modeling, such as measurement of surveying and mapping tasks, and it can be widely used in emergency command, homeland security, urban management, house property tax, and other fields. It can make up for the inadequacy of fixed-wing aerial used in surveying and mapping. In addition, the Yun Yao UAV can also carry other task equipment, such as air quality monitor, air voice equipment, communication relay equipment, etc.
The more versatile function of Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV) need your development and exploitation
In the design of Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV), it abandons the design of pomp, and returns to the practical nature of the machine. The seemingly ordinary body contained tremendous energy.
The Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV) uses a folding fuselage design to make it easy for you to carry, with high performance and large-capacity batteries, it can last up to 40 minutes in a load of 600g.
In the power supply lines design, it adopts thick PCB design, and the inner wiring is more neat and simple, it can effectively reduce the interference produced by the power supply lines to the control system. The board adopts high quality and high quality control module, which can provide more stable input power for flight control system and mission load. Dual-channel output, multiple conventional voltages can be selected, users do not need to add extra power.
It adopts the retractable landing gear, and it can take off all autonomously, route, land, minimizeerrors caused by human factors , and minimize the safety of flight.
Xiangtuo will let you enjoy the beauty of technology.
It adopts Integrated three-proof fuselage
The Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV) uses the original "BOX" fuselage, it has the function of waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, which can be used in many fields.

Modular design
It adopts the modular design, the operation and maintenance of Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV) is more convenient, and it can easily replace the vulnerable parts.
Quick plug large capacity battery
As it adopts high-strength structure of the "BOX"fuselage, so the whole UAV system realizes lightweight design, and added with a large capacity battery, it can achieve a longer endurance time .
Folding fuselage and easy to carry
It adopts enhanced and optimized folding structure to make the UAV more stable, and the folding and expansion of the moment arm is more convenient.
Retractable landing gear
When the Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV) takes off, the foot rack can be automatically closed, thus avoiding the occlusion of the foot rack to the
mission load.
Common platform, strong compatibility
Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV) can perfect load various task load of Xingtuo Company, at the same time,it reserves common interface so it can meet the customer's other load requirment. We also can provide customized services and meet your various needs and demands.

Technical parameters of Yun Yao 800 Drone (UAV)
External dimension: 630×630×360mm (expansion); 370×370×360mm (fold)
Total weight (including battery free load): 5.2kg
Maximum task load: 2kg
Shaft: 4
Axial distance of symmetrical motor: 800mm
Battery capacity: 19200mAh
Battery mounting dimensions: 152×224×52mm
No-load hovering time:45 min
600g load hovering time: 40min
Flight distance: 2000m
Cruising speed: 8 m/s
Maximum flight speed: 12 m/s
Recommend a working environment temperature: - 5 ºC and 40 ºC
Maximum altitude: 3500m

Price Condition :FOB
Delivery Port :Tianjin
Packaging & Delivery
Packing :in box or carton
Delivery Lead Time :3-7 days
Minimum Order :1 set
Supply Ability :1000 set/month

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