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Banquet Hall Acoustic Soundproofing Sliding Movable Wall

Banquet Hall Acoustic Soundproofing Sliding Movable Wall Partitions

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Guangzhou Bunge Building Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd
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1> movable wall partition is modernized decoration can separate the space speedly and
conveniently.and it has sound insulation and heat insulation and fireproof function;
2> the wall partition board is made from high density s/s frame, special made rubber, excellent sound
insulation cotton and finish board etc.the finish board is flat and hard;
3> the movable wall partition is inserted in the aluminum track, assembled with multi direction wheels;the
board can be stored in may different ways;
4> it doesn't need track on the floor, we only hang the track on the ceilings and it can be at the
same plane with the ceiling won't affect the whole decoration style;
5> around the board, there is sound insulation rubber, it can help to insulate the sound entering;

there are wide of range face finishes are available :melamine faced MDF or
plywood, fabric, carpet, fabric, artificial, leather,wood veneer, high pressure laminate,acoustic panel,white board ect., panels can also be supplied unfinished for field decoration,standard frame color is clear anodized aluminum,custom powder coating colors are available.

BUNGE movable partition wall is made of high quality anodized aluminum frame with environmentally composite materials.the panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails.,the panel has a standard thickness of 65 mm ,85 mm and 100 mm,and a width up to 1230 mm.Maximum height can reach 17 meters tall.

Common Applications:
1.studios, recording rooms, listening rooms, rehearsal rooms and more professionally interspace timbre projects.
2.theaters, indoor gymnasiums, discos, KTV rooms and more performance and entertainment location.
3.meeting rooms, offices, halls, hotels and more sound absorption and secrecy projects.
4.air-port, railways, bus-stops, workshops and more noise reduction projects.

About us:
Guangzhou Bunge Building Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd is a professional company in manufacturing Movable Partitions.It also artistically designs and carefully does research and development,.The company has adopted the advance partition technology of USA,Germany and Denmark.We have professional staff with more than 10 years of experience in design,production and installation.

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