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Heat transfer machine for cup/mug

Heat transfer machine for cup/mug

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heat transfer machine for cylindrical cup, heat transfer machine for cylindrical bottle

Usage: Flat cylinder heat transfer machine named heat transfer machine also, can print on flat, cylinder and conical product, cups, beer stain, ruler, it transfer colorful picture which printed onto PET film(named heat transfer film) to the surface of artworks, it can print multi colors by one time to get very beautiful chromatic images.
It mainly decorates plastic, cosmetic, toys, gifts, household appliances, etc.

HC-H-6  flat cylinder Heat transfer machine
1)Max. Printing Area (Flat) : 6*12 inch(300*150mm)
2)Work Table Size: 23.6 x 8.7 inch( 600 *220 mm )
3)Max Length of Rubber Roller: 6 inch (150mm )
4)Max. Pressure: 1300 Kg
5)Heater Capacity: Motor Drive
6)Heat power: 1500 W
7)Max. Head Stroke: 3.1 inch ( 80 mm)
8)Max. Table Stroke: 12 inch (300 mm)
9)Max. Pressure of oil Cylinder: 70 Kgf / cm
10)Thermo Controller: 0 – 400℃
HC-H-12 Flat cylinder Heat transfer machine
1)Work Table Size: 23.6*15.7 inch(600*400mm)
2)Max Length of Rubber Roller: 12 inch (300mm )
3)Max. Pressure: 1600 Kg
4)Heater Capacity: Motor Drive
5)Heat power: 1500 W
6)Max. Head Stroke: 3.1 inch ( 80 mm)
7)Max. Table Stroke: 15.7 inch (400 mm)
8)Max. Pressure of oil Cylinder: 70 Kgf / cm
9)Thermo Controller: 0 – 400℃

1)Foil feeding and collecting are automatically and adjustable, to ensure intelligent automatic printing.
2)Print pressure, temperature, speed and head height are adjustable, the up and down of stamping head can be fine adjusted as well, to ensure more precision printing.
3)The stroke of worktable is adjustable which convenient to print different length of artwork.
4)Rubber roller gets uniform heat transfer to suit large print size.

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