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Automatic Access Control Checker RFID card Turnstile From

Automatic Access Control Checker RFID card Turnstile From Factory

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Shenzhen Tongdazhi Technology Co., Ltd
1 year
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Product overview
    Tongdazhi tripod turnstile whole product shape with domestic standard (304) stainless steel plate stamping molding, nice shape, rust-proof, durable, resistant to external damage. Rectangular box with the channel gate rod configuration can provide access to personnel orderly and civilized passage way prevent illegal access, and fast control rod drop pars or in case of emergency. The product processing fine, full-featured, high quality, mainly used in high-end parks, scenic areas, playgrounds, community, intelligent buildings, hotels, subway, pier, clubs and other places.
     Tripod turnstile mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies organically integrated, integrated IC cards, ID cards, bar code platform, fingerprints, facial recognition and other devices integrated on the device easily, can achieve channel coordination of intelligent control and management through the election identification system with a variety of equipment and the use of reliable security devices, alarm devices, direction indication, etc.
Tripod turnstile main functions and features
1) ultra-quiet design: mechanical design use third generation of silent, smooth operation without noise impact;
2) Super bright passage indicator: Indicates the direction of ultra-bright LED light design, indicate a more eye-catching;
3) Compatible IC, ID, magnetic cards, bar-code cards, anti-static and other control equipment
4) Automated access function: the reader rear brake lever unlock automatically after running a certain angle, brake automatically driven by people;
5) Automatic power-lever function: gates after power is automatically rotated three times, so that the brake lever on the lever automatically, without manual operation;
6) a variety of operating modes features : by setting the switch can be set to the gates normally open, normally closed two modes of operation;
7) Anti-collision function: turnstile will automatically locked when people swipe card no push it
8) automatic reset function: turnstile will back and cancel the pass if people swipe card no pass ,pass time can adjust;1-60seconds
9) power emergency function: automatic power-off brake lever off the pole to meet fire safety requirements.
10) standard input and output interfaces is the best choice for system integrate

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