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RFID card reader 120 degree Full height turnstiles two

RFID card reader 120 degree Full height turnstiles two channel gate

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Shenzhen Tongdazhi Technology Co., Ltd
1 year
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Product overview
Tongdazhi tripod turnstile whole product shape with domestic standard (304) stainless steel plate stamping molding, nice shape, rust-proof, durable, resistant to external damage.external standard electrical interface,it is convenient to integrated IC cards, ID cards, bar code platform, fingerprints, facial recognition and other devices integrated on the device easily, The product processing fine, full-featured, high quality, mainly used in high-end parks, intelligent buildings, subway, terminals, prisons and other places of higher security level.
Turnstile mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies organically integrated, integrated IC cards, ID cards, bar code platform, fingerprints, facial recognition and other devices integrated on the device easily, can achieve channel coordination of intelligent control and management through the election identification system with a variety of equipment and the use of reliable security devices, alarm devices, direction indication, etc.
Divided into: single channeland multichannel ,as shown in figure
Turnstile product features
1)Fault self checking and alarm function,easy to maintenance and use;
2)pass through when power off , locks automatic when power-on,
3)It is convenient to quickly organize evacuation in case of emergency;
4) When the read valid card after pedestrian access only to gently push the turnstiles, after each push of the lever is rotated 90 degrees or 120 degrees automatically reset, the door is in a closed state;
5)with automatic reset function. When the card reader, people does not pass in predetermined time, the system will automatically lock, and the passage time limit set by the owner.
6) using a unique transmission system, so that the gate in the zero lock, unlock more accurate and reliable;
7) with a unified standard interfaces, can contact with a variety of equipment, easy for system integration, computer can remote control and management .
8)with multiple operating modes to choose from, bi-directional or one-way.
9)can automatically access the direction of the prevailing number of statistics, and LED show the info(optional) is presented to the managers.
10) with a clear direction indicator, show can pass or no thoroughfare.
11)with card reader with memory and without memory function, and the user can according to their needs through the motherboard keyboard settings.
Turnstile technical parameters:
1)Box dimensions:
singel channel:1500*1350*2300MM
dual channels :2400*1350*2300MM(Determine box size according to site specifications)
2)Brake lever length: chassis than 550-650 (mm), (Determine brake lever size according to site specifications)
3)Maximum channel width:700mm
4)Weight: 350Kg/piece ,660Kg/piece
5)Box material :304stainless steel (standard ),1.5MM (optional material thickening)
6)Driving electromagnet: 24 V
7)Input interface: dry contact signal or +12 V level signal or pulse width ≥ 100ms of DC12V pulse signal, driving current ≥ 10mA;
8)Normal life: 5,000,000 times
9)Access speed :30-40people / minute
10)Gate open/close time: 1 seconds
11)Power to enter the state of the time required for the time: 3 seconds
12)Maintenance port: 3
13)LED indicator: 2
14)Reader window: 2
15)Automatic reset time after the failure: 10 seconds
16)Working environment: indoor, outdoor (Yin shed)
Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensatio
Turnstile adaptive place
◆ office: commercial buildings, government agencies,etc.;
◆ Science and Education Unit: universities, research institutes and libraries;
◆ Business service establishments: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks and so on;
◆ leisure and entertainment: parks, scenic areas, playgrounds, etc;
◆ Transport site: bus, train stations, subway stations, airports and so on.

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