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Full automatic esd test system bridge arc flap barrier gate

Full automatic esd test system bridge arc flap barrier gate

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1、Product overview
Intelligence flap barrier (block gate) is product with intelligent management of high-tech mainly for staff access. Flap barrier is upgrade of intelligent tripod turnstiles and swing gates.The product with precision processed, complete function and high quality, mainly used in high-end residential, intelligent buildings, hotels, subway, pier, clubs and other places.
The flap barrier organically integrated mechanism, electronic, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies. It's easy to integrated IC card, ID card, bar code platform, fingerprint, facial recognition and other devices. It could coordinated realize intelligent controls and management for channel by matching various identification system equipment and the using reliable security devices, alarm devices and direction indication

Single movement:used for single channel and more than one channel;
Double movement:used for more than one channel,
As the picture shows:On both sides is a single movement, and double movement in the middle

2、 Flap Barrier main functions and features:
2.1、 Standard Product Features:
1)Having functions of checking fault by self and alarm, it's easy to maintain and use for user;
2)The operating status of the equipment can be set by a small built dish of the main panel;
3)The flap barrier has mechanical structure, double anti-pinch function. When the telescopic arm meet resistance during reset, the motor will stop working automatically or stopping in the default time, then reset again after the default delay (until reset), and the intensity is very small (≤2Kg);
4) sound and light alarm function: with unlawful entry, trailing alarm;
5) scour protection function, when the gate signal is not received, the arm automatically locked;
6) telescopic boom synchronization capabilities;
7) With automatic reset function: after the gate opening, if the people not pass within a specified period, the system will automatically cancel the access rights of the user. The standard is automatic reset after five seconds;
8)The barrier will open automatically when the power off, and barrier will close automatically when it has power;
9) can be connected to a variety of reader device, received switch signal of relay;
10)unidirectional or bidirectional control personnel access;
11) can be directly managed by remote control and management of computer;

2.2、expand function:
1) chassis can be lengthened, and the telescopic material is selectable;
2)counting function: could add counter to count the number of people.

3、Flap barrier main structure and configuration
1) standard chassis :1piece
2) damper:1piece
3) main control panel:1piece
4) transformer:1piece
5) Motor :1piece
6) movement and transmission parts:1 set
7)infrared shooting, an optional increase: 3 pairs
8) Alarm (lights) :1piece
9) plate of indicating the direction: 3pcs

4、Flap barrier technical parameters:
1) Dimensions: 1200(L)*300(W)*1000(W)mm (chassis can be lengthened)
2) length telescopic arm: 250mm
3) Maximum channel width:600mm
4) Weight:65Kg/pc
5) Material of chassis : 304 stainless steel,cover of chassis: 1.5mm, body: 1.2mm(can be thickened)
6) Drive motor: DC motor (24V)
7) Input interface: switch signal or 12V level signal or pulse width> 100ms of 12V pulse signal, the drive current> 10mA
8) Normal life: 500 million times
9) Communication interface: standard RS485
10) LED lights: 6
11) Reader window: 4
12) Manhole: 4
13) Pass speed: 30-40 people/ minute
14) Gate opening and closing time: 1 second
15) After the passage of state power into the required time: 3 seconds
16) Failure of the automatic reset time after: 10 seconds
17) Working environment:
Indoor, outdoor (with shed)
Temperature: -10 ℃ - 50 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, non-condensing

Four、Flap Barrier Adaptation Places:
◆Office: commercial buildings, government agencies, and other;
◆Science and Education Unit: universities, research institutes and libraries;
◆Commercial service establishments: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks and so on;
◆Leisure and entertainment: parks, scenic areas, playgrounds, etc;
◆Transport site: bus, train stations, subway stations, airports and so on.

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