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High respond speed swing gate with fingerprint reader system

High respond speed swing gate with fingerprint reader system

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Shenzhen Tongdazhi Technology Co., Ltd
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Speed gate product description
1、Product overview
Tongdazhi intelligent speed gate has unique distinguished beautiful appearance design, fine processing, improve the control technology, positioning precision and reliable, operating noise is small, complete function, high grade, fast, side lighting art. mainly used in high-end parks, scenic areas, playgrounds, community, intelligent buildings, hotels, subway, pier, clubs and other places.
Speed gate mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies organically integrated, integrated IC cards, ID cards, bar code platform, fingerprints, facial recognition and other devices integrated on the device easily, can achieve channel coordination of intelligent control and management through the election identification system with a variety of equipment and the use of reliable security devices, alarm devices, direction indication, etc.
Divided into: single movement: for single channel and multi-channel; Dual movement: for multi channel, as shown in figure: both sides of the movement is single movement, the middle of the double movement
2、Speed gate main functions and features
2.1、 Standard product features:
1) 304 stainless steel , generous, beautiful, appearance design generous, show humanized design, can be customized to various exterior;
2) side light is free to be setting , red, green, blue optional; optional side pattern, swing arm can be engraved or personalized enterprise LOGO pattern;
3)MPU built through small buttons, you can set the device's operating status;
4)Infrared induction pinch function, has blocked the return and advanced collision avoidance function, gates in the return process, when a person or object blocking anti clip infrared, swinging arm can stop, prevent damaged swing arm and movement, but also to prevent accidentally passing personnel;
5)sound and light alarm function: with unlawful entry, trailing the police;
6)scour protection ,can great efforts to push the swing arm when have not received
Gate opening signal is received(Greater than or equal to the 50KG force, can be set to the size of the intensity)
7)read cassette memory and without memory function, and the user can according to their own needs to be set by key board;
8)Fault self checking and alarm function,easy to maintenance and use;
9)Automatic reset function: if not pass in specified period, the system will automatically cancel the user's current access permissions, the standard is after 5 seconds will automatically reset;
10) pass through when power off , self-closing when power-on;
11)can connect with a variety of reader device to receive the switching signal open gate;
12) can be directly managed by remote control and management computer;
13) 6 --- 10 pairs of infrared sensors to detect and trailing pinch
14)unique design concept, improve the control technology, distinguished beautiful appearance design, so that products frequently get high-end users at home and abroad
2.2 、expand function:
1) counting function;
2) box is lengthened, material thickening, flexible arm material selection;
3) counting function: can increase the number of the counter statistics;
3、 speed gate main structure and configuration
1) 1 standard case
2) 2 pieces swing arm
3) 1 piece main control board
4) 2 transformer
5) 2 servo motor
6) 2 sets movement and transmission parts
7) 2 alarm 8) 2 indicating the direction plate
9) reader windows: 2
10) 6 --- 10 pair infrared

4、Speed gate technical parameters:
1)Box dimensions: Φ168*1050MM (mm) (box can be extended)
2)Gates: box, swing arm movement, servo motor, controller, high-grade acrylic plate or tempered glass;
3)Arm length:250-450mm
4)Maximum channel width:950mm
5)weight: 70Kg/piece
6)Box material :304stainless steel (standard ),Box cover 1.5MM, box 1.2MM (optional material thickening)
7) Motor: servo motor (34V)
8)Input interface: dry contact signal or +12 V level signal or pulse width ≥ 100ms of DC12V pulse signal, driving current ≥ 10mA;
9)Normal life: >5,000,000 times
10)Communication interface: RS485 standard
11)Access speed :40 / min (normally open), 25-30 / minute (normally closed)
12) Gate opening and closing time: 0.7 seconds
13) After the passage of state power into the required time: 3 seconds
14) Aailure of the automatic reset time after: 10 seconds
15)Working environment: indoor, outdoor (Yin shed)
Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation

5、 Speed gate adaptive place
◆ office: commercial buildings, government agencies,etc.;
◆ Science and Education Unit: universities, research institutes and libraries;
◆ Business service establishments: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks and so on;
◆ leisure and entertainment: parks, scenic areas, playgrounds, etc;
◆ Transport site: bus, train stations, subway stations, airports and so on.

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