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Anti-terrorism Hydraulic Road blocker

Anti-terrorism Hydraulic Road blocker

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Product Overview
Hydraulic road blocker (also known as anti-terrorism wall or road blockers). It is divided into heavy, standard type, all based on the hydraulic lift.Mainly to prevent non-permitted vehicles forcibly entered, with high availability, reliability, security, according to the site and customer needs with a variety of configurations to choose from and can be customized to meet the functional requirements of various customers.When equipped with an emergency release system in case of power outages and other emergency situations, down to an open channel, so that vehicles could pass normally.

2、Hydraulic road blocker main functions and features
2.1、Standard product features:
1)Rugged and durable, large load bearing, smooth operation, low noise.
2) Take PLC electric control system, stable and reliable system performance, ease of integration.
3)Road blocker could linkage control with other devices,such as barrier , but also with other control equipment, and automatic control.
4) In case of power failure or malfunction, for example, when road blocker is in the raised state but need to be down, it can let the cover of the rising Road blocker down to a horizontal position through manual operation to allow vehicles pass.
5) Using the leading low-pressure hydraulic drive technology of the world, to make the entire system is safe, reliable and stable.
6) remote control device: wireless remote control, may be in the range of 30 meters around the controller (according to the site of the radio communication environment), Road blocker could be remote controlled by switch button .

2.2、expand function:
1) Controlled by card: the installation of card reader, which can control Road blocker lifting automatically by card.
2) The linkage of barrier and Road blocker : with addition of barrier (stop buffer) / Access control , it can be realized the linkage of barrier, access control and Road blocker.
3) Connection of computer management system or billing systems: it could be connected to management system and billing systems, and centralized control by the computer.

2.3、Features of Hydraulic Road blocker:
1) Fast speed and low noise
the fastest time of lifting is 2 seconds. Because it uses a hydraulic drive unit, its operation with low noise.

2) Agility Control
The control unit uses a versatile logic controller, so it can modulate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different needs of different users on the functionality.In addition, its movement stroke can be set to timing mode, and the user can freely control the lift height of the cover, to save energy consumption.

3) Unique Structure
The core part of the hydraulic unit and mechanical mechanism is integrated design. Mechanical energy can be effectively transmitted to the hydraulic drive unit, And the operation is efficient. Hydraulic unit is a unique design to achieve the direct entrance of pressure.Its excellent performance is rare at home and abroad in the same field.

4) Safe and Reliable
When in the case of power outages and other emergency situations, you can manually press the button of emergency descent, then the cover of Road blocker will fall, with an open channel to let the vehicles pass.Top and bottom internal of the fixed body are provided with current detection sensor and a magnetic sensor, thus realizing the protection for the power about over-current and cylinder limit effective, stable and reliable.

5) Application
Road blocker are divided into Road blocker with spear and spear no Road blocker. The overall structure of an extension seat, flip body, hydraulic power system and electrical control system. Usually used in schools, border control, customs terminals, prisons, military units, warehouse, nuclear power plants, military bases, government departments and key unattended locations to prevent the intrusion of foreign vehicles.

3、The main structure and configuration
1) Fuel tank
2) The hydraulic control valve
3) Hydraulic pump
4) Oil filter
5) Heat ex-changer
6) Solenoid valve
7) PLC control system
8) Pipe Fittings

Hydraulic station components:
1)Motor: 3HP * 4P three-phase 380V (industrial grade)
2)Pump: (gear pump) (technical grade)
3)Lifting solenoid valve: (Industrial) (solenoid valve fall relief check valve) (DONGCUN)
4)Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders: HOB50-200CA + I into a long length of 200 heavy-duty industrial pole (ASHUN)
5)Double acting double oil pump manually: 2.3ML / times 63mpa (industrial grade)
6)Fuel tank capacity: 60 liters
7)Hydraulic tube: PT International Standard gongs profiling interfaces, 1/2 double high pressure steel pipe
8)Tubing: from the factory with 5 m, shall be extended USD4 per meter.

Control Box Components:
1) PLC control command chip: The United States imported original chip (industrial grade)
2) Power switch: three-phase 380V (industrial grade)
3) control solenoid valve: Industrial
4) Power Supply Industrial Grade: (--28--85 degrees)
5) Remote control range: within 30 meters
6) Display text : can be set to your company name and address of the phone contacts)
7) Fuel tank

4、Technical Parameters ( TDZ-Z751)
1) Dimensions of Body : (L)3000 × (W) 1000 × (H)760mm (length can be customized, up to six meters);
2) Rising Height: 500mm (can be customized 600mm, 800mm);
3) Intercepting width: 2600mm;
4) Cover Thickness: 16mm (can be customized) curved bezel thickness: 16mm;
5) Tippy Specifications: Diameter: 35mm; height 90mm;
6) Pressure: can access more than 120 tons of container trucks;
7) Body Material: A3 steel, anti-rust primer;
8) Body weight: ± 1.3-2 tons
9) Protection Level: IP68
10) Anti- crash rating: K12 (equivalent impact 120KM / when the car is blocked, the device work as usual)
11) Lifting speed: increased speed: ≤ 3S (adjustable), the rate of decline: ≤ 3S (adjustable);
12) Power supply: three-phase 380 (control voltage 24V);
13) System Power: 3.7KW;
14) Working temperature: -35 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ (fit);
15) storage environment: -10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃, anti-rain and anti-moisture and anti-dust.

Hydraulic Road blocker adaptive place:
Mainly used for schools, border control, customs terminals, prisons, military units, warehouse, nuclear power plants, military bases, government departments and key unattended locations to prevent the intrusion of foreign vehicles.

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