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Larger particles synthetic monocrystalline diamond

Larger particles synthetic monocrystalline diamond

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Single crystal 6.0mm synthetic HPHT diamond dresser plate

Hardness and wear resistance, diamond is combined by covalent bond has a saturated and directional crystal, so it has a very high hardness and wear resistance, is now known as the hardest substance in nature. 

1.Mechanical processing industryEffects of the diamond grinding tool is grinding hard alloy tool.Grinding hard alloy tool, each grinding except 1 g metal need to consume the GC abrasive 4-15 g, the diamond consumption only 2-4 mg.
2.Electrical and electronic industryValuable semiconductor of hard and brittle materials, such as silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc., to make small patches of semiconductor devices, need cutting and grinding processing.Currently the most suitable processing method USES diamond cutting blade.With diamond grinding paste polishing semiconductor material, not only high efficiency, and can reach the highest level of surface roughness Ra0.006 um.
3.Optical glass and stone processing industryBefore using silicon carbide processing and optical glass, low efficiency, poor working conditions.Now are all made of diamond abrasive processing, including blanking, nesting, cutting, edge grinding and fine grinding of convex and concave surface. 
4.Drilling and mining industriesIn the oil, coal, metallurgical, geological exploration, such as drilling and mining, extensive use of diamond bit. 
5. Construction and building materials industryIn marble, granite, artificial stone, concrete casting building materials cutting and grinding, the widespread use of diamond tools. Specification is cylindrical, triangle, rectangle, cube, etc

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