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Car wheel balancer used spare parts

Car wheel balancer used spare parts

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Decar Automotive Equipment
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1. A wheel balancer with self-owned intellectual property.

2. With DYN/STA and various balancing mode and MOT balancing mode.

3. Customize the balance operation habit to increase the working efficiency. With protective hood control, unit definition and the minimum unbalancing option function.

4. With various creative data input modes, it can easily realize the data increase and decrease by rotating the tire.

5. Self calibration is easy to operate. This function can quickly restore the precision of the machine which is unused for a long time or losing precision.

6. Optional equipped with motor adaptor, with MOT balancing mode.

7. Simple outlook and large capacity of weight container.
It features with strong capability of resistance to the scratch and corrosion and having long life performance. The press key with high strength and cannot be damaged after press for 0.5 million times. The temperature range is -10℃ to 50℃. In this range, it will not be peeling, form bumps and tack-less.

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