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car body pulling bench used auto repair equipment

car body pulling bench used auto repair equipment

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Basement can be put up to leave away from the ground so that it can be moved with four wheels. After fixing vehicle on the bench, move them together to specified position according to repair needs, which can solve the problem of insufficient spaces.Features:
Some customers would like to put the bench under the ground to save space.
The vertical lifting frame can be used as scissor lift, safe lifting height is from 260mm to 1600mm.
When ramps folded, they can be
1.The main clamp can rotate in 360 degree and fine-tuning. It’s convenient for quick and exact clamp.
2.The frame can rotate in 180 degree and stand pillar rotate in 130 degree. No working blind spot, flexible operation.
Working platform of super-low height: 136mm is suitable for most models for quick repair.
3.The fixed system of down feet screw can make the fixation quick and steady by make the wheels away from the ground.
4.Four universal wheels make the frame more steadily and flexible.
5.10T high-pressure oil cylinder makes it strong and durable.
6.Four holding stands enlarge the working space. It’s easy to repair the car which chassis is lower than 190mm
7.All accessories and tools are mechanical streamline design and have durable life by multi-heating and forging processes.
Three important points for heat treatment process to make sure the accessories quality:
Overall forging (mould owned by UNLINER)
Overall conditioning (hardness HRC28 degrees);
High frequency quenching of tooth profile
( hardness HRC40 degrees).
Take up no space and conduct dismantling,
repairing, installing and stopping at the same time.

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