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Solid Carbide Cutter Circular Saw Blade

Solid Carbide Cutter Circular Saw Blade

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Solid Carbide Cutter Circular Saw Blade for Metal Cutting

Mores advantage:
The examples of disc cutters and saw blades are only a partial overview of our manufacturing capabilities. We will respond to the opportunity to produce for you based on your documentation as well as other tools, such as cylindrical cutters, disc cutters, milling semicircular convex, concave cutters, unilateral angular cutters, angular cutters frontal, bilateral angular cutters, etc.

- We use the best grades of carbide for blade life and cut quality, specific to your application 
- Flat top grind (FTG) for speed and efficiency in the primary wood industry
- Alternate top bevel (ATB) tooth geometry for smooth cuts in secondary wood industry applications
- Triple chip grind (TCG) for long blade life in general purpose (GP) and non-ferrous (NF) cutting applications
- Variations in tooth geometry make carbide tipped blades the best options for most applications
- Cut plastics, melamine / composite laminates, solid surfaces, fiberglass, steel, and more
- Custom consultations for designing the right blade for your application
- We can make ANY blade you want, so contact us to customize

Diameter  Segment  Grade              Cutting materials
MM Size(MM) No.
300 50*3.2*10 16 Professional Concrete/Reinforced concrete
350 50*3.2*10 19 Professional Concrete/Reinforced concrete
400 40*3.6*10 28 Professional Concrete/Reinforced concrete
450 40*3.6*10 32 Professional Concrete/Reinforced concrete
500 40*3.6*10 36 Professional Concrete/Reinforced concrete
600 40*4.0*10 42 Professional Concrete/Reinforced concrete
Application: Concrete lintel, concrete slab, concrete piles, hard concrete and cured concrete.

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