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hsn of cbn pcd cutting tools

hsn of cbn pcd cutting tools

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pcd diamond tools

PCD cutting tool: it is mainly used for aluminium and aluminium alloy (silicon aluminum, high silicon aluminum alloy, etc.);Copper and copper alloys, babbitt;Wood and all kinds of wood fiber material, alumina aggrandizement floor;All kinds of wear-resistant plastic, bakelite, graphite, stone, hard alloy, ceramic, the material such as cardboard cutting processing.PCBN tool: it is mainly used for all kinds of hardened steel, tool steel, die steel, bearing steel (HRC45-70);Chilled cast iron, high chromium cast iron, nickel base and cobalt base superalloy (HRC35-70) and difficult processing grey cast iron;As well as other various difficult machining of ferrous materials such as precision machining.
Type Recommended:
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) milling insert
Commonly used model is recommended:
APKT1135  (APKT1003) PDER    APKT1604 PDER
APMT1135  (APMT1003) PDER   APMT1604 PDER
We also provide all kinds of models according to customer.
How to choose the Pcd cutting tool materials?
(1) reasonable choice between PCD granularityPCD granularity choice related to cutting tool processing conditions, such as the design used in the finishing or superfinishing knives, should choose high strength, good toughness, good shock resistance, fine grain of PCD.Coarse grain of the PCD cutting tool can be used for general rough machining.The granularity of PCD material for tool wear and damage performance significantly.Research shows that: the greater the PCD grain sizes, the stronger the cutting tool wear resistance.By De Beers, 002 and 025 two SYNDITE SYNDITE PCD cutting tool machining SiC base composite material of tool wear test results show that the grain size of 2 microns SYNDITE 002 PCD material is easy to wear.(2) the reasonable choice between PCD blade thicknessUnder normal circumstances, the PCD compact layer thickness is about 0.3 ~ 1.0 mm, with carbide layer after the total thickness of about 2 ~ 8 mm.Thinner PCD is advantageous to the blade with a thick layer of edm.De Beers company came out with the 0.3 mm thick of PCD compact can reduce grinding force, improve the edm cutting speed.PCD compact and blade material, when welding the hard alloy layer thickness cannot be too small, in order to avoid the difference between the two materials in combination with surface stress caused by the stratification.

The failure mechanism of PCD tools:
Tool wear form are mainly abrasive wear and adhesion wear (wear) cold welding, diffusion wear, oxidation wear, thermal wear, etc.PCD tool failure modes are different from traditional knife MyCIMT, main show is polycrystalline layer damaged, adhesive wear and diffusion wear.Studies have shown that using PCD cutting tool machining of metal matrix composites, and by its main failure forms of adhesion of diamond grain defects caused by the micro intergranular crack.When processing high hardness, high brittleness material, adhesion wear of PCD cutting tool are not obvious;On the contrary, in the processing of low brittle material, such as carbon fiber reinforced material, tool wear, adhesive wear plays a leading role at this time.

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