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Micro Bubble Manufacturing System

Micro Bubble Manufacturing System

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Hudong Mascot Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
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China dissolved gas flotation, Micro Bubble Manufacturing System Factory, Manufacturer
Special structure for fast phase separation in microsecond, The 2 phases of water molecules and air molecules in the dissolved gas water are separated from each other in different directions in less than 1 microseconds, from a uniform 3-7 m charge bubble Instantaneously, Under the condition of the same volume of dissolved air, the bubble density is geometrically fission. Contact area expansion of micro bubble flotation, improve the surface tension of water molecules by integrated charged bubbles, accelerate the bubble floating rate, adsorption of colored groups and some hydrophilic colloid. The dissolved air volume is a fixed value, the service area of the micro bubble is inversely proportional to the square of the diameter, the service area of the micro bubble can be expanded to hundreds of times, and the density of the micro bubble is increased to several thousand times. Theoretical research and experimental results show that the smaller the diameter of the micro bubble, the stronger the adsorption of suspended matter.

China Micro Bubble Manufacturing System Factory, Manufacturer
As a Micro Bubble Manufacturing System supplier, we provide high quality dissolved gas flotation, daf water treatment system and dissolved ozone flotation.

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