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1 Ton Semi Workshop Professional Hydraulic Gantry Crane For

1 Ton Semi Workshop Professional Hydraulic Gantry Crane For Boat Lift

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Henan kuangshan Crane Co., Ltd
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Kuangshan Crane Group
> 1984 established.
> 2002 be a joint-stock industrial enterprise.
> 2008 been top best factory in China crane filed.
> 2010 engage in exporting and servicing to the world.
> 2016, the new type double girder crane produce line finished
> 68 million square meters.
> 2700 employees; 180 engineer;
> 2.3 billion RMB annual sales ;
> 1300 units of all kinds of processing equipment.
Product Introduce
Single girder gantry crane with low head room hoist (customized accepted)
> The girder is designed as Box shape
> It's used both indoor or out door.
> It's composed of metal structure, cart operating mechanism, electric device and trolley(electric hoist).
> Ground-controlling and remote-controlling.
Double Girder Gantry Crane
> A Model Double Girder Gantry Crane applied outside warehouse or railway sideways to do common lifting and unloading works.
> It is composed of bridge, support legs, crane traveling organ, winch trolley,electric equipment, strong lifting winch, the frame adopts box-type welding machanism.
> Operational methods:cabin or remote control.
> Power is supplied by cable or slide wire.
> We offer different capacity according to your requirement.
Box type gantry crane (customized accepted)
> They are used together with CD MD model electric hoist or what you need.
> Lifting capacity is 5 to 100 ton.
> Span is 10 to 40 meters.
> Working temperature is -20°C ? +40°C.
> Light dead weight and strong lifting weight.
> Widely used at open or room ground, warehouses and yards etc.
> Ground controlling and cabin controlling.
Truss type gantry crane (customized accepted)
> It's the best light crane.
> It's used both in multi-wind area and workshop for inside and outside.
> It's composed of metal structure, cart operating mechanism, electric device and trolley(electric hoist).
> The surface of facing wind is very small. Because of its steel-pip leg, and characterized in the light dead weight and strong hoisting capacity.
> Ground-controlling and remote-controlling.
Semi gantry crane (customized accepted)
> It is usually used together with CD MD Model electric hoists.
> It is a track travelling small and medium size cane.
> Its proper lifting weight is 2ton. Its proper span is 10 to 20 meters.
> Its proper working temperature is -20°C to 40°C.
> Semi gantry crane is a regular crane widely used at open ground and warehouses to load and unload.
> It has controlling methods, namely ground controlling and room controlling.
Our philosophy:
Quality makes brand , honest weaves the future.We hope Kuangtyan make contribution to economy
indusry‘s taking off. Hold hands of Kuangyuan being friends for ever.We will sincerely seek for
common progress and resplendence cooperatiing with all friends and establish brilliance.

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Intersection of Kuangshan Road and Weisan Road, Changnao Industrial District, Changhuan County, Henan Province, Xinxiang, 453400, China