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Construction Grade Low Moisture Polypropylene Fiber

Construction Grade Low Moisture Polypropylene Fiber

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Construction grade low moisture polypropylene fiber supplier

Product Description
Polypropylene monofilament fiber is a dedicated to concrete/mortar of high performance fiber, concrete/mortar can effectively control plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage, temperature change caused by factors such as micro cracks, prevent and inhibit the formation and development of the native concrete cracking, greatly improve the anti-cracking of concrete/mortar permeability resistance, resistance to salt grinding performance, increase the toughness of concrete, so as to improve the service life of concrete.
Can be widely used in road, fence, deck, Water and electricity engineering, spillway, diversion hole of the concrete face rockfill dam, water channel, The basement side wall, floor, Industrial and civil construction of roof, wall, floor paint, waterproof mortar plaster, inside and outside of the pool, Cement prefabricated crack of toughening and so on, is a kind of high performance concrete/mortar cracking impervious material.

Polypropylene Fiber Specification
Density(g/cm3): 0.91±0.01
Length(mm): 3,6,9,10,12,15,19,38 mm
Shape: Monofilament
Tensile Strength: >450 MPa
Elastic Modulus: >3500 MPa
Crack Elongation: 20%±5%
Melting Point: 160-170°c

Polypropylene Fiber Application(On the enhancement of concrete)
1. Avoid the shrinkage crack of mortar and concrete;
2. To improve the deformation characteristics of concrete and resilience;
3. Enhance seepage control crack resistance;
4. To improve the impact strength of the wall, Increase the stripping resistance, resistance to wear;
5. To improve the permeability, freezing and thawing resistance;
6. Strengthen the function of protecting reinforcement;
7. Prevent dryness and prevent crack propagation of mortar.

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