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JPWQ Automaticall Homogenizing Submersible Sewage Pump

JPWQ Automaticall Homogenizing Submersible Sewage Pump

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JYWQ,JPWQ Series automatically homogenizing sewage pump adopts the automatically homogenizing device on the base of ordinary sewage pump. The automatically homogenizing device is driven to run by electric motor and affects the strong homogenizing force. The strong homogenizing force homogenizes the deposit into suspender and suck into pumps and then discharge them. So it improves the performance of not clogging and sewage discharge. It finishes water discharge and cleanning sewage and saves the cost. The pumps are ideal environment protection products.
Remark: JYWQ series is automatically homogenizing sewage pump made of cast iron
JPWQ series is the automatically homogenizing sewage pump with stainless steel cylinder and inner circulation cooling system..
1. Waste water discharge in factory and commercial zone
2. Waste water discharge in city
3. Water discharge station in residence.
4. Floodwater discharge
5. Sewage discharge in hospital and restaurant.
6. Sewage system of municipal works
7. Transport machine in mine and detection

Structure characteristic
1. Double passage not clogging impeller improves the sewage discharge.
2. Automatically homogenizing device affects strong homogenizing force. The force homogenizes the deposit into suspender and suck into pump and then discharge them.
3. Baffle devides the base seat into two parts. The water entering and homogenizing do not affect each other.
4. Double surface mechanical seal in oil chamber insures the steady operation of pump
5. Dynamic seal with vice impeller structure can help the mechanical seal and balance the axial force and prolongs the life of bearing.
6. Detector of water leak is in terminal box of pump. When water leaks´╝îdetector gives the signal to protect the pump.
7. Stator of motor has the B class insulation and F class insulation and be with heating protection. When motor heats for overloading, heating protection can give out the signal and protect the pump.
8. Oil detector is set in oil chamber. Water enters into oil chamber when mechanical seal is damaged. Detector gives out the signal to protect the pump.
9. JPWQ series with inner circulation cooling system can insure the normal operation when pump is in the lowest water level.

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