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Microscope USB camera-DigiRetina 500

Microscope USB camera-DigiRetina 500

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Tucsen Photonics Co., Ltd.
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5MP Color Microscope Camera
With 5MP resolution, the Digiretina500 can be considered to be the universal solution for microscopy imaging. It has integrated 3D noise reduction and 1800-10000K ultra-wide color temperature adjustment. These powerful functions enable the Digiretina500 to deliver precise color reproduction, eliminating the need for any post processing.

Innovative CMOS image sensor+ISP integrated chip technology
Whilst‘frames per second’is considered by many to be the benchmark for high speed imaging, equally important is the time between when an image is exposed and when it actually becomes available to the user. This is known as latency. The Tucsen CMOS image processing chip can handle images with lowest latency to achieve the fastest response, delivering the ultimate in productivity, whilst maintaining exceptional image quality.

Wide Range Color Temperature Adjustment
DigiRetina500 has an integrated 1800-10000K color temperature adjustment. This feature, which has previously only been available on high-end scientific cameras, significantly improves the white balance, delivering incredible color fidelity in the original image, eliminating the need for any post processing. DigiRetina16 creates stunning visual effects for different samples and different lighting sources, always giving true to life images.

USB3.0 High-speed interface
Latest USB3.0 standard, 5Gb/s ultra-high speed data transfer. Our USB3.0 cameras transmission efficiency is 10 times higher than that of the traditional USB2.0 standard.

Simple, convenient, easy to get started
With built-in automatic white balance requiring no user intervention.
Automatic exposure function, catch clear images with one button
Support drive-free UVC (USB Video Class) devices, plug and play, fast and convenient.

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6F NO.1 Building Cai Mao Zone, 756# Qi An Road, Gaishan Town, Cangshan Area, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350008, China