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SYH Three Dimensional Motion Mixer

SYH Three Dimensional Motion Mixer

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SYH three dimensional motion mixer endows materials inside the cylinder with many chances of mixing due to its multiple motion dimensions. It enjoys the great effect of mixing, short time of mixing with high efficiency. Its uniformity degree is able to hit 99.9% with maximum loading capacity of 0.9 (that of ordinary mixer is about 0.4 to 0.6). With unique design of cylinder, SYH enjoys is praised by its well-polished inside and outside walls as well as no dead bands and pollution. It's quite convenient for workers to get finished products from SYH. In addition, it's also very easy to clean SYH three dimensional motion mixer.

Under the guidance of the drive shaft, the loading barrel makes the movement of translation, rotation, rolling and so on in circles to promote the material run along the barrel in three-way movement for achieving the purpose of uniform mixing.

The cylinder could move in multiple directions and phenomena of layer or accumulation of material could be avoided because materials inside suffers no centrifugal force. There is the remarkable weight ratio in different parts and the mixing ratio is also high. For those reasons, this machine is quite competitive among various mixers.
The loading rate of cylinder could hit 90%, comparatively higher than that of ordinary ones-50%. It's also feature by the high efficiency and short mixing time.
The circular cylinder is well polished by advanced technology.
It is well adopted in some industries like pharmacy, chemicals, food, light industry, electronic industry, machinery industry, metallurgical, national defense industry and other science and technology industries.

SYH three dimensional motion mixer can be used in the industries of pharmacy, chemical, food, electronics, machine, mining and so on.

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