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auto four shafts turret gummed tape cutting machine from

auto four shafts turret gummed tape cutting machine from China

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Shenzhen JCD machinery Co.,Ltd
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1) Product Name : Auto four shafts masking tape/ gum tape cutting machine
2) Mian Technical Parameters:
1. Valid width:1.3M/ 1.6M
2. Max cutting diameter: 180mm
3. Min cutting width:1mm
4. I.D of paper core: 76.2mm
5. Diameter of cutting blade:250mm
6. Air pressure: 6kg/Cm2
7. Power:10 HP
8. Voltage : 3 phase 380V/50HZ as customized
3) Advantage
1. 4 cutting shafts, saving the work time, provide the cutting speed
2. High working speed
3. Less labor need
4) Detailed video please check

1. Main driving system: AC motor with the frequency inverter.
Make sure the speed up or speed-down fast and steady during log roll cutting.
2. Central control unit: The programmable central control system.
You can cutting multiple sizes in the same log roll.
3. Operating panel: The 10'' big LCD panel.
You can set up various cutting model and monitor the cutting job directly in the panel.
4. Motor control system: The PLC programmable controller.
You can set up various cutting size in the same log roll.
Can be adjusted cutting size according to the set up cutting width and cutting roll quantity
5. Cutting size positioning system: The Mitsubishi servo motor control.
Make sure the high accuracy of the ball screw and the linear slide rail positioning in the cutting.
6. Feed positioning system: The Mitsubishi servo motor to control the knife feeding.
It can be anthropomorphized as a three-step feeding speed of the cutter.
Improve efficiency and get the best quality.
7. Round knife Angle adjustment system: The Mitsubishi servo motor control to calculate the circular knife Angle.
According to different materials to do different angles change (adjustment range: + / -8 ° ) .
If the cutting surface is not good, you can change the cutting Angle according.
That will increase the production efficiency.
8. Automatic roll changing system: The cylinder drive positioning gear to drive the active spline.
Make sure the fast and accurate change of log roll but without stopping during cutting,
Save the loading and unloading time and increase the productivity.

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