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MALEIC ANHYDRIDE SMA emulsifier for NCR microcapsules

MALEIC ANHYDRIDE SMA emulsifier for NCR microcapsules

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Hebi Yidafeng Industrial Co.,Ltd
1 year
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paper chemicals
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Carbonless paper materials Styrene Maleic Anhydride SMA resin

For SMA resin, our company scientific research personnel according to the foreign production process, with domestic materials in production of polymer meticulous research, is enhance improved new material of the same products abroad.
As carbonless paper microcapsule special emulsifier. It has the effect of good cyst, into capsule fast, uniform particle size etc, can completely replace the imported products.
SMA are divided into two types: liquid and powder, powder for white powder or a granular solid, and reaction dissolve with alkali, is a kind of water soluble resin, with anionic surface activity, Molecular weight 100,000; liquid for light yellow, can be used directly and adjust the content of solid.Convenient and practical, contribute to product quality and stability of microcapsules.

Technical Parameter
Name SMA Resin
Model No. SMA-520
Outward Apperance light yellow liquid
PH Value 7.0-9.0
Solid Content >=25%
Viscosity >=30s
Application for NCR(carbonless) paper coating microcapsules material
Expiration Date 12Months
Package Export standard plastic buckets
Weight 200KG/barrel

Our Company

Hebi Yidafeng Industrial Co., Ltd (YDF), is located in Henan Province, was founded in 2006,cooperation with several famous chemical companies, is a manufacturer of paper chemicals, paint additives such as high-tech fine chemical enterprise.
The main products are anti-agent, emulsifier, dispersant, non-carbon copy paper dedicated chromogenic agent, micro-capsules. An annual output of more than 10,000 tons of various chemicals.
One of the company's production of zinc-modified salicylic acid resin reagent is currently the world's most
advanced carbon-carbon paper a non-specific reagent. Fast color, color bright, anti-light, heat and strong, at low temperatures also has excellent hair color performance. Product quality has reached international advanced level.

Why choose YDF?
1> YDF has worked on field for chemical over 10 years,have mature experience and can give best sevice.
2> Take honestly as the foundation of business,provide best quality and meet customers need try best.
3> We have exported more than 100000ton chemicial production to Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Taiwan and other countries and regions. We cooperated with users for supervising machine performance in long terms.
4> We are reliable, and treasure our reputation. Fast delivery, fast replying to clients question.

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