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Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable

Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable

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Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable
Fireproof cable
1.Product Structure
Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable is made of copper stranded wire, mica tape fire protection layer, mineral mixture, low smoke halogen-free sheath, etc.
Voltage rating 0.6/1KV (Um=1.2KV) Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable
2.Product features
Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable can maintain normal operation for a while after the fire broke out. It ensures line security and is beneficial for 
 rescue operation. The cable has passed C、W、Z grade tests required in BS6387 and BS8491 Standard. The tests are 950℃, 180min combustion test, 650℃ water spray test and 950℃ mechanical impact test.
3.Product structure design
Excellent fire performance--It conforms to BS6387 and BS8491 Standard.
Environmental friendly materials--It’s halogen free, low smoke during combustion.
Flexible structure--There’s no any other similar metal sheath except for 
 stranded copper wire. Environmental friendly isolation 
 material is much softer than others. The complete cable 
 is more flexible and of good fireproof performance.
Easy installation-- The cable can be delivered in coils according to the customer's demand on length. There is no need to use connectors and appropriative terminals. It can be installed in accordance with installation methods for ordinary cables.
Prefabricated branch cable system—We can prefabricate branch joints to meet 
 the user's need. The system makes 
 installation more convenient.
5.Test standard
Standard for tests in BS6387 and BS8491: Design parameter of flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable is strictly according to BS6387, BS8491, and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard. The cable has past specialized tests of the National Fire Administration and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute.

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