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Mineral-insulated Metal sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable

Mineral-insulated Metal sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable

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Jiangsu Sanqi Cable & Wire Co., Ltd,
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Mineral-insulated Metal sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable
Fireproof cable 
Mineral-insulated Flexible Fire-proof Cable
1.Product composition
SQBTRG is made up of copper stranded conductor、mica tape fireproofing、mineral compounds、aluminum sheath and LSZH sheath.
Rated Voltage 0.6/1KV(Um=1.2KV) Mineral-insulated Metal sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable.
2.Product code 
 T-------------------------Copper conductor 
 G-------------------------Stainless steel 
  Example for product representation 
 Mineral-insulated Metal sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable、rated voltage0.6/1kv、4cores、cross section95mm2,expressed as:SQBTRG0.6/1KV,4*95 
 Mineral-insulated Metal sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable、rated voltage0.6/1kv、1core、cross section240mm2,expressed as:SQBTRG0.6/1KV,1*240
Product features  
 SQBTRG can still keep the fire circuit in normal operation for a certain time after the fire. It’s great helpful for rescue efforts. SQBTRG passed C、W、Z test by BS6387、BS8491--950℃,180mins fire test,650℃ spray test,950℃ mechanical impact test.
Product construction 
Environmental material--Low smoke zero halogen during burning 
 High mechanical strength--Mineral-insulated Metal sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable is sturdy and durable, better than steel tape armor under fire conditions. 
 High overload capacity-The overload capacity is better than regular YJV cable because of the insulation is used heat resisting(800℃)mica tape and mineral compounds. 
 Corrosion resistance—Sheath of SQBTRG is of high corrosion resistance. It’s still safe even our cable installed in place that are vulnerable to chemical corrosion or serious industrial pollution, usually don’t have to take other additional protection. 
 Easy installation—The cable can be delivered in coils as per customer's demand on length. SQBTRG can install by regular laying method without midterm splice and specified terminal.

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