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China made pick and place machine chip mounter IC shooter

China made pick and place machine chip mounter IC shooter

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High Stability Pick and Place Machine CPMII

Application field
1.LED Industry: LED lighting, LED display, LED set-top boxes, LED control system.
2.Household Appliances Industry: TV, air conditioning, electric stove.
3.Automotive Industry: car power, car lights, car stereo, etc.
4.Energy-efficient Lighting Industry: industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, street lighting, searchlight.
5.Power Industry: car power, energy-saving power, mobile power.
6.Other Electronic Industry: electronic watches, electronic equipment, electronic parts, mobile hard drives, high-definition player, MID

1.High-rigidity,High-accuracy and High-stability Base
Base and Y axis are made by integrated design, X axis uses the high-hardness aluminium alloy and is suppressed into shape by a molding machine.
X axis is completed at one time by a large special equipment Every parts and installation planes of base and Y axis are assembled exactly to ensure high precision.
Fast assembling to avoid deformation.

2.High-speed, high-precision and long-life X/Y Axis
Rolling guides used on X/Y axis are imported from Japanese brand THK, which has low noise and high precision.
The linear motor used on X/Y axis are made by Japanese Sanyo, which is exclusively used in Pick&Place machine.
The grating ruler with high resolution is imported from Britain company Renishaw, which ensures the high precision of X/Y axis motion.

3. Advanced Self-researched Vibration Platform
Bowl Feeder could vibrate the Lens as well as others components in the same level into the 8 lanes so that the placement head could simultaneously pick 8 components during the work.
Besides, the accurate sensor also equip with the transmission section within this devices, for avoiding the occurrence of stuck, break-down etc.

4.High Precision Working Head
The parts and base of head are made by aviation-grade aluminum, which makes the head more stable and reliable.
Adapting Japanese micro servo motor and IKO guide rail, which ensures the up-down of Z axis in high-speed, high-accuracy, and high stability.
High-precision ball spline ensures the high-accuracy of rotation.

5.The Scanning Camera With Excellent Performance
Using Germany BASLER linear scan camera.
The Ring-shaped light sources made by OSRAM lamp beads that has highlight and high-stability, and lighting g comes from its base and 8

6.Electric Smart Feeder
Complete menu: the size of electric feeder can be from 8mm to 72mm, tube feeder and tray feeder.
The feeding speed is in the advanced stage of industry with 20pcs per second.
Unique technology of current controllers was employed in machine drives, which ensures the extremely low heating level of electronic feeder

7.Automatic Plastic-tape Cutting Blade
The automatic blade is made by top-level steel and has a very long service life

8. Multi-functional Board Conveyor
Board clamp : top, bottom and side-on, ensuring the accuracy and stability.
Clamp is flexible, which can be adjusted from the both left and right side to avoid the components at the edge of the board.

Layer board connects two belt pulleys, which can avoid blocking the board
Extended rail can adapt to the board with the length of 1200mm. Stop cylinder and sensor on the rail adopted integrated design, which makes it easy for ward-and-backward adjusting
Adopting High precision ball screw and linear rail to adjust the board width, which ensures the movement of boards more stable and accurate

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