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High Quality Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

High Quality Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

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Shijiazhuang Wuxing Machinery Co., Ltd.
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High Quality Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

Introduction of the Equipment

Gypsum board production line based configuration table
Annual production(㎡) Plant area(㎡) Drying method Total installed capacity Productin linespeed
(m/min) Requird workers Electrical configuration
1.5 million 60m×26m Thermal oil 116kw 3.0 8 Siemens
2million 70m×26m Thermal oil 127kw 4.2 10 Siemens
3million 84m×30m Thermal oil 166kw 6.25 11 Siemens
4million 110m×30m Thermaloil/Hot stove 210kw 8 11 Siemens
5million 112m×30m Thermaloil/Hot stove 234kw 10.5 11 Siemens
6million 122m×30m Thermaloil/Hot stove 240kw 12.5 11 Siemens
8million 136m×30m Thermaloil/Hot stove 349kw 16.5 11 Siemens
10million 150m×30m Thermaloil/Hot stove 467kw 20 12 Siemens
12million 172m×30m Thermaloil/Hot stove 488kw 24 13 Siemens
15million 204m×36m Thermaloil/Hot stove 578kw 31 15 Siemens
20million 240m×40m Thermaloil/Hot stove 778kw 40 15 Siemens
Product specifications: length 2400—3000mm width 1200—1220mm thickness 8—15mm

Gypsum board production line is the current production of new special equipment for decorative materials, the main work processes include:

1. The plaster and water and various additives, respectively, by automatic metering, automatic delivery system into the mixer, mixing into a gypsum slurry, and evenly sprinkled in the continuous forward movement of the face paper;

2. In the continuous forward while vibrating, the slurry gradually spread evenly, then into the extrusion molding machine and the upper and lower face paper complex, by the extrusion molding pulp is completely covered by the upper and lower skin paper, and extruded into Continuous slurry gypsum board;

3. The board in the molding line during the operation after shaping, natural solidification, automatic cutting, etc. have been gradually formed wet solid gypsum board, wet board by the program-controlled system, through the roller, belt conveyor and flap quickly into the drying room;

4. The board in the drying room under the strict control of each temperature zone, and into the hot air at different temperatures, wet plate evaporation, starch reaction and the board bonded to the protective paper, dried gypsum board from the drying room stand out;

5. And then flap again and pieces (front-facing), the length of the saw will cut the board into a certain size of the finished board;

6. The final delivery to automatic head and automatic stacking, palletizing completed by the forklift truck to the finished product warehouse.

Annual output: 1.5 million square meters / year -3000 square meters / year

1. Reasonable design, perfect matching, reliable operation;

2. My company has: less investment, fast construction, low operating costs, cost-effective advantages;

3. Set the production line design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, production in one, created a number of elite teams;

4. Customer success, customer development for business purposes, long-term cooperation for a better future for the idea.

Service items:

1. My company has a professional installation team, home installation and commissioning, until the production of qualified products so far;

2. Long-term supply of spare parts, equipment warranty for one year

3. Responsible for long-term technical advice and technical services, ready to solve a variety of technical problems

4. Charge d'affaires shipment and the relevant import and export procedures.

The progress of the project construction, project approval, process layout, civil construction, equipment selection, production and installation, production commissioning, trial production stage, the entire process can be completed in 3 to 5 months.

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