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Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

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Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

(Fiberglass Board Equipment)

Product Description

Paperless gypsum board is the fiber gypsum board (or gypsum fiberboard, paperless gypsum board) is a building gypsum powder as the main raw material, all kinds of fiber as a reinforcing material of a new type of building board. Fiber gypsum board is following plaster board made widely used. Again developing a successful new product. Due to the appearance of the omission of the protective cardboard, the range of applications covers the entire range of applications of the plaster. Its overall performance is better than gypsum board, such as 12.5 mm thick fiber gypsum board screw grip force of 600 N / mm2, while the paper is only 100 N / mm2, so the gypsum board has Nails, can hang things, but not paperboard; product cost is slightly larger than the gypsum board, but the investment rate of return is higher than the gypsum board, it is a great potential for the development of new building boards.

In the application, fiberglass board can be used as drywall, wall lining, partition board, tile and brick backplane, prefabricated outer cover, ceiling blocks, floor fire doors and columns, siding and special applications , Such as trailer and boat interior, outdoor thermal insulation finishing system. In the sales market in addition to the common construction industry and users to decorate the market, there are other new markets.

Currently, the market requirements and trends of building wall panels are: high quality (including high fire resistance, moisture resistance, impact resistance), and lower and lower prices. Fiberglass board has a fire, moisture and impact resistance, combined with simple design of high quality wall has a lower price. Therefore, fiberglass board has more potential than other gypsum board.Gypsum board.

Gypsum board without paper (gypsum board) comparison table

Item Gypsum board Paperless gypsum board (fiberglass board)
Material Paper, gypsum powder, additives Gypsum, cement, mesh cloth, perlite, plant yarn and so on

Production Process Paper and filled gypsum bond Through the physical reaction, the internal stability of the formation of high strength and high toughness structure

Sound insulation performance 12 * 2 board +100 keel +
12 * 2 board 50 dB 9 * 1 board +75 keel +9 board 40 dB excellent sound insulation performance

System thickness 148 93mm moderate weight can increase the use of area
Fire-proof level B1 grade flame retardant materials A1 level non-combustible material highest level fireproof material

fire resistance About 1 hour 2.5 hours absolute safety is the petrochemical, paper industry specified materials

Decorative effect As the paper and gypsum moisture absorption after the weakening of the bond strength between the significantly reduced, leading to the plate fragile, easy deformation, poor water resistance, and at the same time easy to mold, yellow, the surface easily from the layer off
The surface of a very small amount of putty repair and grinding, can quickly form a smooth coating of grassroots, will not fall off from the layer. Internal material structure is stable, moisture absorption does not reduce its strength

toughness Strength about 3Mpa toughness about 80N impatience impact, can not bend Strength of about 6Mpa toughness of about 800N impact resistance, can be bent, not easy to crack

Service life Because of its own material gypsum and paper bonding, damp, the intensity decreased significantly, the surface is easy to change color, resurgence, cracking droop life 2-3 years need to be renovated
The main material is gypsum, cement, grid, perlite, plant sand and other internal physical reaction through the formation of stable high strength and toughness of the crystal structure, the service life so it can maintain the same life with the main building. No need to renovate the second renovation costs

Waterproof Bubble water generally 5 hours (soaked in water, plaster and paper from the basic loss of strength)
As the surface of glass fiber reinforced gypsum board without paper, the core composite material by physical reaction forming bubble more than 48 hours without obvious soft phenomenon, can be recovered after drying, which can effectively resist the large-scale decoration works due to leakage caused by the surface off , Mildew and other phenomena, reduce waste and reduce maintenance costs.

Duration As a result of paper, patchwork through a large area, an increase of dry time
As the glass fiber reinforced gypsum board surface without paper, the surface has formed a good density gypsum grassroots, special production process to ensure high strength and flatness, just handle the seam, the surface of a small amount of putty repair and grinding, you can Rapid formation of a flat coating base

crack There is paper, can not be the perfect combination of caulking agent fusion, temperature and humidity shadow Larger, easy to crack
No paper, no moisture, temperature and thermal expansion and contraction will not cause cracks

Environmental comfort Environmental protection (such as using gypsum for filling core material, harmful)
Environmental protection and comfortable, does not contain any substances harmful to human health, the surface without paper, direct direct contact with the air, in wet conditions can absorb moisture, moisture can release when dry

application Processing performance, can be sticky, planing, sawing, can be used for indoor ceiling, wall, can be directly nails.
Good workability, truly: sticky, planing, nailing, sawing, can be used as a layer of ceiling, partition wall and fire board, floor, decoration board use, can be used to make furniture, cabinets can also be used in Petrochemical, light industry paper industry, can be directly nails

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