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factory oway finger touch interactive whiteboard system

factory oway finger touch interactive whiteboard system support windows, linux

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Oway Group Limited
3 years
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Product Description:
Laser Image Calibration Technology

Oway Finger touch portable interactive whiteboards includes with two parts: emitter and signal receiver. Emitter is fixed on flat surface. It emits infrared laser curtain on the surface which is about 1mm thick invisible light and parallel with the projection screen surface, 1-2mm above the screen surface. When
the fingers or any non-transparent objects touch this virtual surface, the light will be reflected and detected by the signal receiver. Computer will figure out the position of the mouse by accurate
calculating the reflected light position.

Finger touch portable Interactive Whiteboard system is a positioning system based on the latest laser infrared technology. Use this system you can operate projector and computer easier and achieve
more excellent presentation effects by finger.

Having finger touch Interactive whiteboard system means you not only have stronger functions than mouse, touch screen and electronic whiteboard, more important you have the more Man-machine communication opportunities in the presentation: Use “finger touch interactive whiteboard” you can almost neglect the projector , computer system, the operation fit the natural communication custom.
Use interactive whiteboard system will overcome the defects of the presenter’s just sit before the computer which lacks of interactive communications.

Detailed Images:
Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard – FT6

Calibration Automatic / Manual ( 4/15 point)
Multi-touch Ten points touch
Latency <20ms
Filter Software auto-control, enhance stability.
Minimum Active Size 40 inch
Max Active Size 120inch( no sunshine room);100inch( sunshine room)
Technology Laser Image Calibration Technology
Positional Accuracy ±1 Pixel (Resolution: 4096*4096)
Aspect Ratio 4:3;16:9;16:10
Projector ratio Long throw:3.0, installation distance:2.15~3.2M.
Laser Beam Short throw/ Long throw: 3units; Ultra short throw: 3units.
Laser safety CLASS I (safety laser)
Wave of the laser 808nm
Power 5w
Power of Laser Beam 150mW/unit *3
Power requirements 5V/1.5A
Signal refresh rate Real 60fps.
Connect The sensor and computer are connected by USB Cable; Emitter and Sensor are wireless; Emitter just need power.
Weight 0.5kg
OS Requirement Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10
Software OwaySIWB
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Warranty 2-year
Package 1. Sensor 2.Emitter 3.Remote 4.USB cable (10m) 5.Pionter 6.Power Adaptor 7.Manual

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