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Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel Production Line

Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel Production Line

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Introduction: Aluminum plastic composite panel refers to a three-layer composite panel with plastic as the core layer and two sides of aluminum material. The surface of the product is covered with decorative and protective coatings. Layers or films (collectively known as coatings unless otherwise specified) serve as decorative surfaces for the product.
Classification: Divided into common type and flame retardant type according to the burning performance of curtain wall panels.
Marking code: common type, code-named G; flame-retardant, code-named FR; fluorocarbon resin coated decorative surface, code-named FC.
Specification size:The common specification size of the curtain wall board is as follows: Length: 2000, 2440, 3000, 3200, etc.
The unit is mm. Width:1220, 1250, 1500, etc. Unit is mm.
Minimum thickness:4 in mm.
The length and width of the curtain wall board can also be agreed by the supply and demand sides.
Products construction:
Aluminum-plastic composite board is composed of multiple layers of materials. The upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum alloy boards, and the middle is a non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board. A protective film is also attached on the front side. For outdoor use, aluminum-plastic panels are coated with a fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating on the front. For indoor use, non-fluorocarbon resin coatings can be used on the front side.
1, The building exterior, curtain wall panels.
2. Modification and refurbishment of the old building's external walls.
3, Balcony, equipment unit, indoor compartment.
4, Panels, signage, display stand.
5, Interior wall decoration panels, ceilings, advertising signs.
6, Industrial timber, cold-car body.
7, Air conditioners, televisions and other appliances shell.
Product advantage:
★ The complete line synchronization is ensured by Siemens and Schneider Profibus control system.
★ Calender roller adopts multi-spiral water channel design, uniform roll surface temperature and efficient cooling.
★ High-temperature composite roller adopts multi-spiral water channel design, uniform roll surface temperature enables plastic plate and aluminum plate glued firmly.
★ Applicable for aluminum plastic composite panel and PE panel production.

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