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Power Plant Steam Flange Vacuum Globe Valve

Power Plant Steam Flange Vacuum Globe Valve

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FREE-Valve’s main body of the Vacuum Globe Valve adopts a cast-forging structure, and has a parallel double-sealed pair and a half-forced two-way seal, and the sealing surface in-position movement and the wedge-shaped wedge wedge movement are step-by-step action to realize zero leakage. The friction coefficient between the sealing surfaces is small and the opening and closing are convenient. Moreover, the wear of the sealing surface has an automatic compensation function.
1.The product is designed and manufactured according to the JB/T3595 standard, which meets the requirements for supporting the use of power station equipment.
2.The vacuum sealed packing room is designed to isolate the vacuum reliably.
3.The valve stem is Tempered and Nitrided on the surface to provide good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and wear resistance.
4.The flange gasket is made of composite material, which has a large expansion coefficient and good airtight performance, ensuring the system and the atmosphere are isolated and reliable.
5.Inverted seal is made of stainless steel threaded connection seal base or body austenitic stainless steel, reliable sealing.
6.The structure is simple, compact, easy to repair and long service life.
7.The bonnet filling chamber is provided with a vacuum sealing structure, which has a self-expanding and compacting effect, and the sealing is sealed with a high-strength expansion material, so that the system is completely isolated from the atmosphere, and has a good system tightness.
Technical Specification:
Flange connection ASME B16.5,GB/T9113
Design standard ASME B16.34,JB/T3595
Pressure Range Class150~Class600
Size Range DN50~DN 500, NPS2~NPS20
Material 25, WCB Cr5Mo
Connection type Flange
Working Temperature ≤425℃
Operating Type Manual,electric
Sealing surface material Alloy
Pressure test GB/T13927, API598
Face to Face GB/T12221, API609

FREE-Valve’s Vacuum Globe Valve is suitable for medium pressure of PN4.0~10.0Mpa nominal pressure and operating temperature ≤200°C in the backwater condensing system of thermal power station.  It is especially suitable for the steam turbine condensation and vacuum negative pressure systems in thermal power plants and plays a role in vacuum sealing and isolation. 

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