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Frame-type Double Stage High Vacuum Insulating Oil

Frame-type Double Stage High Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification/ Treatment Plant

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ZYD Series Double-Stage High Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification/ Treatment Plant is specially designed for use in treating electrical insulating oil in the oil-filled electrical equipment. Through the dehydration, degasification, filtration processes, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, contamination can be effectively removed.

ZYD vacuum oil purifier is widely used in factory workshops, power transmission and generation station. Utilizing ZYD high vacuum oil purifier, the quality of insulating oil can be upgraded and the deteriorated oil can be reclaimed that could extent the life of insulating oil and ensure safety operation of oil-filled electrical equipment.

Main Features:
1. Equipped with double stage high vacuum system (oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump + roots vacuum pump), which ensures fast vacuum pumping speed and high vacuum degree.

2. Large area three-dimensional vacuum dehydration technology, advanced dewatering and degassing system, which removes water and gas much quickly and efficiently.

3. Precise and multi-stage oil filtration system (primary filter, secondary filter, fine filter) with gradually increasing precision, which can effectively remove mechanical impurities from oil.

4. Advanced double-infrared liquid automatic controller, pressure automatic-protector, which ensure long-term safely and reliable operation.

5. All necessary control switch, light indicator and meter are equipped on the control panel which provides easy control for operation and supervision.

6. Adopt interlocked protective system, which connect oil pump, electric heater and oil level controller, avoiding blank heating, blank pumping, oil leak and electricity leakage. If there is any fault, the machine will be power off automatically.

7. High efficiency electric heating system, heating oil uniformly, avoid oil deterioration during the heating process.

8. This machine can be operated both online and offline. Besides, it can be used as independent vacuum pumping and vacuum oil filling equipment for oil-immersed electrical equipment.

9. After purification, the technical parameters and performance of transformer oil will be obviously recovered, the oil breakdown voltage can reach up to 75KV in an ideal condition.

10. We provide abundant optional parts for this equipment and each one will be customized as per customer’s requirements. You can get the most suitable oil purifier here.

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