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Water-soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate Flame Retardant Cas

Water-soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate Flame Retardant Cas 68333-79-9

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Product Name: Ammonium polyphosphate
Cas No.: 68333-79-9
Molecular formula: (NH4PO3)n
Usage: flame retardant, fire retardant

I.Ammonium Polyphosphate

Ammonium polyphosphate, abbreviated as APP, is a polyphosphate containing nitrogen and phosphorus. According to the degree of polymerization, it can be divided into three types: low poly, medium poly, and high poly. The higher the degree of polymerization, the lower the water solubility. . When the degree of polymerization is<20, it is a water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate that can be used as an agricultural fertilizer.

The six major advantages of water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate as fertilizer:

1. Efficient use of phosphorus: Short-chain ammonium polyphosphate has high solubility, which can increase the content of phosphorus in liquid fertilizers compared with general phosphate fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers with higher phosphorus content can be configured; the ammonium polyphosphate used in crops has a high safety factor and a low crystallization temperature. It is usually not directly absorbed by crops, but is gradually hydrolyzed into orthophosphoric acid in the soil and then absorbed and utilized by crops. Therefore, it is a slow-dissolving long-acting phosphate fertilizer that can increase the effective utilization of phosphorus by more than three times.

2. Chelation: Ammonium polyphosphate has a significant chelating effect on metal ions and can be used as an inorganic chelator in basal fertilizer to add some trace elements to improve fertilizer efficiency. The solubility of some trace elements in ammonium polyphosphate solution is much higher than that in ammonium orthophosphate solution. The use of ammonium polyphosphate as an inorganic chelating agent is cheaper than organic chelating agents.

3. The stability of the finished product: At present, a large number of solid water-soluble fertilizers are stored for a long time, and they are prone to agglomeration, swelling, discoloration, etc. The liquid water-soluble fertilizer is easy to precipitate, expand the bottle, etc.. But made of agricultural ammonium polyphosphate as raw material, a large number of elements of water-soluble fertilizer will avoid the above situation.

4. Water solubility of finished products: At present, the water-soluble requirements for water-soluble fertilizers of micro-drip irrigation equipment are getting higher and higher. Currently, most of the water-soluble fertilizers in the market have plugging of impurities, but agricultural macro-ammonium phosphates are used as raw materials to make large amounts of water-soluble fertilizers, water solubility up to 99.7%, and fast water soluble.

5. PH value is alkaline: At present, the acidification of the soil is serious, and the acidity of water-soluble fertilizers on the market is mostly. The agricultural ammonium polyphosphate is used as a raw material to make a large number of elements. The PH value of the water-soluble fertilizer is 8-8.5. The long-term use has significant effects on acid soil improvement.

6. Foliar Fertilizer: The foliar fertilizer used for the foliar spraying of crops with ammonium polyphosphate as the main component is composed of ammonium polyphosphate, urea, potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, borax, manganese sulfate and copper sulfate according to certain proportion.It is compounded with dual effects of medicine and fertilizer, full nutrition, high concentration, low cost, no toxicity, significant disease prevention and anti-disaster effect, easy to use, large growth rate, suitable for a variety of soil and various crops and other characteristics .

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