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Back Grinding of Wafers Diamond Wheels

Back Grinding of Wafers Diamond Wheels

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Supplier Back Thinning Diamond Grinding Wheel For Silicon Wafer

Silicon wafer back grinding wheels are mainly used for the thinning and fine grinding of the silicon wafer.
Coolant: Oil, emulsion
workpiece processed: silicon wafer of discrete devices, integrated chips (IC) and virgin,ATM, Melchiorre, Peter Wolters, Diskus, Viotto, Wendt
Material of workpiece: monocrystalline silicon and some other semiconductor materials.
Grinders: SHUWA SGM-6301, NTS Nanosurface-180G, NTS Nanosurface 250/NC-VDM

Main role of back grinding wheel
In the middle of the pre-production process, thick silicon wafer can reduce damage; before assembly, silicon wafer is thinned, which is conducive to heat dissipation; reduce package volume; improve mechanical strength (softer after thinning, softer after thinning, minus Small stress); improve electrical performance (short connection); reduce the workload of dicing wafer

Vitrified bond suitable for silicon wafer back grinding wheel
Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel bond agent has higher strength; good wear resistance, sharp cutting Grinding efficiency is high, and easy to trim; generally suitable for silicon wafers, such as rough grinding, semi-finishing grinding, etc.
The diamond grinding wheel has good self-sharpening performance and is not easy to clog; the grinding efficiency is high, the grinding force is small, and the grinding temperature is low The bonding agent itself has good elasticity and polishing performance; the workpiece has high surface finish and good surface quality; it is suitable for fine grinding and polishing of silicon wafers.

The Specification Of Diamond Back Grinding Wheels:
Model Diameter (Mm) Thickness (Mm) Hole (Mm)

6A2 175 30, 35 76
200 35 76
350 45 127

6A2T 195 22.5, 25 170
280 30 228.6

6A2T(Three Ellipses) 350 35 235
209 22.5 158

silicon wafer back grinding wheel features:
1, surface quality: require grinding lines evenly, without chipping, debris, scribe, etc.;
2, processing accuracy: TTV <5 μm etc. (Total thinning veracity);
3, processing quality: surface roughness: < 10 nm; damage layer thickness: < 10 μm;

Application of back grinding wheel
The grinding wheels for LED substrate are mainly used for back thinning of sapphire epitaxial wafer, silicon wafer, gallium arsenide and GaN wafer.
Workpiece processed: sapphire epitaxial wafer, silicon wafer, gallium arsenide and GaN wafer.
Material of workpiece: synthetic sapphire, single crystal silicon, gallium arsenide and GaN materials. 
The LED substrate thinning grinding wheel is mainly used for the back surface thinning of the sapphire epitaxial wafer, silicon wafer, gallium arsenide and gallium nitride wafer in the LED industry. The grinding LED substrate grinding wheel developed by our company has superior grinding performance and high cost performance. It can be used stably in European, American, Japanese and domestic grinding machines, and can replace imported products.

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