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100t mobile cable stayed bridge straddle carrier machine

100t mobile cable stayed bridge straddle carrier machine

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Huada Heavy Industry
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Product Description
100t mobile cable stayed bridge straddle carrier machine are basically lifting cranes mounted on tyres often used to replace gantry cranes for lifting and handling heavy loads in casting yards, factories, storage areas, ports and marinas.

Compared to normal gantry cranes which move on fixed rails, the Straddle Carrier has the flexibility to lift and steer heavy loads in any direction on motorized wheels. These Straddle Carriers' lifting capacities normally range from 20t to 900t. Each machine is custom-designed and fabricated under tight supervision to meet the client's requirements.

Huada Heavy Industry 100t mobile cable stayed bridge straddle carrier machine are equipped with reliable systems of hydraulic equipment, winches, ropes, and electric and hydraulic motors. These highly mechanized machines equip with emergency features and safety switches to ensure safe use.

Our Straddle Carrier's Advantage
1. Latest drive technologies, variable motor speeds and integrated power management reduce operating costs and increase eco-efficiency
2. Excellent handling, acceleration speed
3. Innovative driver assistance features: safer operation, fatigue reduction
4. Reduced maintenance thanks to direct drive units, high-quality components.

Packing & Delivery

1. Delivery time
With 40 to 50 days after receiving prepayment.

2. Packaging
Wood case for electric parts, accessories; large sections usually by container after truncation.

3. Transportation
Generally 35 days to 50 days to destination port.

1. What’s the information should I provide when inquiry about the 100t mobile cable stayed bridge straddle carrier machine?
1. The concrete beam and the precast yard drawing
2. The steering system
3. The wind speed of the precast yard
4. The ground slope of the precast yard
5. The span, lifting height and the lifting capacity.
2.What are inspection standard for load test of straddle carrier?
1. Dynamic load test
1.1 times rated load, main girder does not down deflection, all mechanisms work well, performance parameters meet the design demand, all limit switches and safety protection interlock devices are reliable, all spare parts does not have cracking and flexible connection, all motors and contactors are not overheat.
2. Static load test
1.25times rated load, all mechanisms work well, the crane stops 20-30min as trial load is lifted 10cm high, then measure main girder down deflection(theodolite, ruler). Put down trial load to measure main girder upper camber, repeat 3 times, steel structure does not have permanent deformation;
3.what is the power source?
Diesel Generator
4.How about maintenance of 100t mobile cable stayed bridge straddle carrier machine?
1. Lubricating: Working performance and service life of all mechanisms of crane depend on lubricating to a big extent.
2. Steel wire rope: Fracture of wire has to be specially noticed. A new steel wire rope has to be changed immediately with the condition of broken wire, broken strands and wear loss to scrapping standard.
3. Spreader: The spreader has to be checked regularly.
4. Pulley block: Mainly check rope race wearing condition, check whether wheel flange is cracked and whether pulley could get stuck in the axle or not
5. Brake: Check one time per shift; The brake should be in accurate movement, and pins do not allow to be stuck. Brake shoes shall fit brake wheels correctly; the brake shoes interval shall be equal to open them.

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